(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 20* In the Theatre

As the owner of a Performing Arts School spending many hours at classes,rehearsals and in the theatre is an ordinary moment for me and one I love!  The last two weeks have been our annual summer school and on Saturday night it came to the end with an amazing performance put on by 18 budding dancers, … Continue reading (Ordinary Moments 15) *No 20* In the Theatre

(Little Loves 15) *No 18*

Hey everyone I hope you've had a good week?! Mine has been jam packed with so much work (fun work though) during the week but last weekend we had an impromptu day out, which was fab! Performances, New Girl and Cliveden.... Read I did buy a magazine in the week and have managed to read … Continue reading (Little Loves 15) *No 18*