Paella, Big School & 10Yr Celebrations #LittleLoves #25

It's Friday Again my lovelies and another busy week has flown by over here. There has been beautiful sunshine at last, there have been busy evenings and weekends spent at work, a meeting at LB's new school and fun times such as picnics and running through sprinklers-oh the giggles!   New milestones hit with P … Continue reading Paella, Big School & 10Yr Celebrations #LittleLoves #25

#MySundayPhoto Dance

This photo makes me smile! It makes me think of something I have dedicated my life to. Something I have worked so hard for throughout my whole life. As a child striving to be better every week at a certain step or routine, as a teenager pushing myself harder and harder to get into dance … Continue reading #MySundayPhoto Dance