LB is three

3 years ago today, on Monday 28th January 2013 at 18.43pm weighing 7lb 14.5oz our gorgeous little boy entered the word. It had been a long few days and completely not to plan, but hey that's for another post, one day!  Today is all about our little, or not so little 3 year old boy! … Continue reading LB is three

My 32nd Birthday

So another day means another year older-I did not enjoy writing 32 when asked my age at 'Go Ape'.  As you get older, and become a mum birthdays seem to be completely different! I remember when I was younger the day was 'All about me' everyone wanted to see you, speak to you, you got … Continue reading My 32nd Birthday

32 @ 32

So on Monday I turn 32....Happy Birthday Me! Its not old i know but i have certainly felt over the last few years i have got less gutsy and spend a lot more time thinking rather than doing.  I'm a procrastinating expert! So i have given myself a challenge.....32 things to do in my 32nd year … Continue reading 32 @ 32