Hello 2018

Happy New Year Everyone! 2018 is here-Wow! I hope you had a wonderful NYE celebrating with your loved ones in whatever way was perfect for you and that the first week has been gentle to you.For us it was about our last night enjoying the Christmas decorations, eating my favourite meal (steak, chips & mushrooms) … Continue reading Hello 2018

Fantastic Beasts, Bobble Hats & Amazon Music #LittleLoves #6

This week has shown us a little glimpse of Spring before throwing us right back into Winter-Yesterday was absolutely freezing. Next week is Half Term here which means a week with both boys in tow. There's already some work days planned, some fun with family and a surprise treat with a friend. This weeks Little … Continue reading Fantastic Beasts, Bobble Hats & Amazon Music #LittleLoves #6