#OrdinaryMoments 2017 #11 YANA

Last week I spotted Channel Mum had put a hashtag out #YANA......You are not Alone. It was about motherhood and although you are constantly with someone (small) and they are demanding your attention that sometimes it can be a lonely time.  Now at the time I couldn't put down into words everything going around in … Continue reading #OrdinaryMoments 2017 #11 YANA


#OrdinaryMoments #10 An Adventure

On Friday we had the opportunity to explore what we thought was a shortcut home. A little alleyway that we would never get the buggy down, but as I had been into Preschool to do some dance with the kids and my mum was home with P, it was just me and LB on the … Continue reading #OrdinaryMoments #10 An Adventure