Coronavirus Lockdown (Week 6)

Friday 24th  – Thursday 30th April

Another week another diary post!
Some days are hard- we are bored and lonely, missing friends and routine and pushing each others last nerve but other days are great – we are enjoying each others company, learning a little more about each other and all growing a little bit more each day – physically as well as mentally.


We’ve spent most days this week over the little park opposite our house teaching LB to ride his bike. We’ve never had a bike his correct size (he’s grown so god damn quickly) and he’s never been that interested before but we thought this was the ideal time to teach him this new skill and he really took to it. Within a couple of days he was starting himself off and keeping balance pretty well.  Only problem is we live on a bit of a slope and so he rides down one way and pushes it back the other way as he isnt quite strong enough to ride it back up yet.


I’ve been trying to take more time out for myself.
Without the drives to and from work alone and those pockets of time without the kids where I could enjoy some silence (seriously is shouting their only volume?),  its been important to steal those moments in a  different way.  Unfortuantely this particular set up didnt last too long before the kids were jumping all over me and demanding some kind of snack or that i played with them, but its the thought that counts right?!


I’ve also been playing around with some photography and taking pictures from different angles-lots of laying down on the floor!
Sometimes my husband takes a picture and then i take one and he says
‘seriously how do you do that? You just made that look so much better than I did!
I’m not really sure how but I’m enjoying looking at things from a different angle.


I decided randomly that I was going to try making my own bread.
As a kid my mum had a bread maker and I remember the smell so well.  We go through so much bread and I thought why not try something new.  I am so glad i did because it was honestly delicious and I will definitely be doing that again!
That’s if I can ever find plain flour and yeast again.



Loving watching P rummage through drawers and find his character for the days imaginary story.  He’s not been up for Joe Wicks every morning (though he does some pretty awesome burpees) so tends to stay close to his brother and play with toys around him while LB does his PE.


We’ve had some lazy weekend mornings in our bed watching cartoons and some film afternoons that seem a bit better under the covers rather than just on the sofa!


LB and Daddy completed the School Art Challenge of ‘make an abstract face from cardboard’.  LB took a little bit of persuading but loved doing a project with Daddy and over a couple of days they designed, cut, painted and put together something that he was very proud of.


I’ve tried hard to get everyone out for walks but its been a bit of a challenge especially with LB, so me and P have set off into the woods by ourselves to explore and play in the dens that people have been building.  It’s been nice to spend some one on one time with this little dude, he really is becoming a charcater.  Even our neighbour said the other day he’s got a mind of his own that one hey? Oh yes!


This smile has certainly been getting us through.  He is full on at everything-when he is happy he is simply over the moon but when he tantrums wow dont we know it.  He’s loving cuddling up in our bed and demanding Daddy brings him snacks and toast while he watches TV. Cheeky Monkey!


We’ve been playing lots of games and P is really starting to get to grips with the rules of quite a few of them.  However we have one very sore loser in this house and he could rival Grandad for some of his cheats! I’ll let you guess who you think that might be?!


I hope you are all dealing with Lockdown as well as possible.
We are not all in the same boat we are simply in the same storm as they say
and I know the situation is different for everybody.  I have actually started feeling anxious about getting back to real life.  Not because I’m worried about getting the Coronavirus as such but generally just returning to life as we know it, when I’ve felt safe in my little bubble for the last 6 weeks.  Man do I miss family, friends and work etc but as a family we have never spent this long together and I honestly feel that it’s bought us all closer and I am grateful for that.



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