Me and Mine (April 2020)

Goodbye April!
A Month of complete and utter chaos. A month that noone could ever have imagined would have panned out the way it has and one that I’m pretty sure will never be forgotten.

April has gone by in a blur. Somedays have flown by and some have dragged. Some I have sobbed and screamed and others we laughed and felt so at peace. It has been a real rollercoaster. Despite the obvious I have enjoyed having us all at home together. We are usually rushing around so much and are usually tag team parenting it’s nice to be eating meals together and spending some quality time as a family. Knowing we are all safe and doing our part keeps us going but man do we miss our loved ones and our activities. I am so hugely saddened by the situation and grateful for everyone keeping the world going and trying to stay positive so I don’t slip into a black hole. There are many questions about the way things have been dealt with, how long it will take to get back to any type of normal, the huge amounts of deaths and if I’m honest somedays it’s just too much to take. So I am taking a breath and staying home and man am I lucky to be in this bubble.

Staying at home has meant we have had to make the most of what we have right here. The woods on our doorstep and the activities that we love together or alone. The meals as a family, the support of the other parent and so many FaceTimes and zoom meetings with Friends and Family they are keeping us going.

Mummy is Loving
30 days Yoga with Adrienne
Getting back into blogging
Colouring in
Having time together as a family

Daddy is Loving
Art projects with LB
Playing Golf Clash tournaments on his phone
Knowing we are all safe
Long chats with people on the phone
Watching lots of documentary’s

LB is Loving
Chester Zoo Live
Video Chats with Family and Friends
Computer time with Daddy
Learning to ride his bike
Days in his Pj’s for as long as possible

P is Loving
Having his big Brother around all day everyday
Running around with the phone while video chatting – poor people must be dizzy!
The Lion Guard and the new Mighty Pups
Watching films in mummy’s bed
Drawing pictures


I can’t believe I actually got two opportunities for family photos this month when usually I struggle to get one!
Feeling blessed!

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