Lockdown Birthday Fun

On April 6th, I turned 37. 
Not a big birthday at all but still i like to celebrate and as it was meant to be the first Monday of the Easter Holidays I had plans to meet up with friends and enjoy company (oh how i miss thee) and something a little different to the normal everyday. So I took it into my own hands and mixed up the day a little to involve things that I hadn’t been doing on just any other day!

I was lucky enough to have received a few presents from friends sent in the post, a gorgeous rainbow bracelet, tea and chocs, a ticketmaster voucher to spend going to see a musical when we are allowed again and a full party set with wigs, masks, hats, bow ties the lot. I also got a nice gin delivery from my stepmum which was lovely.

So on my Birthday I got dressed up (why the hell not), we donned our party gear put on some music and danced around taking silly photos.  We set off Party Poppers and blew streamer whistles and giggled.


We spent some time doing a science experiment (well it was a school day-not technically but we did try and do something through the holidays) which completely failed so went to the fail safe skittles one which is just so pretty with all the colours.
Simple but fun and the boys thought it was cool!


I spent the afternoon sipping prosecco wearing an outfit totally inspired by KA from TheKAEdit.  A dress with a jumper over the top and trainers and felt pretty damn amazing.  After being in comfies a lot this felt so good.


My little one bought me flowers in from the garden.  Its amazing how you feel to be passed leaves and daisy’s and treasures from a child.  It melts my heart to know hes thinking of me.

We baked the chocolate orange brownie from my friends baking book and blog
Theres Always Cake in my House

It might not look as good as hers but man did it taste good and was devoured within the day.  I love her recipes because honestly even the non baker can do most of them (i haven’t yet tried to frost a cupcake and I’m not sure I will without her help!)


Then in the evening we ordered Chinese.  Not from our normal place unfortunately but from somewhere off of Just eat.  Spicy but really nice and i sat myself down to watch Maleficent-now I really want to watch the second one. 
Hoping it comes out for me to see soon.


So it may not have been the Birthday I had planned or one that I thought I was going to enjoy but we made it something special and different and it will certainly be one to remember.

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