Coronavirus Lockdown (Week 2)

Friday 27th March – Thursday 2nd April

Week 2 of our Family photo diary.
What we have been up to this week and the things that have been keeping us going. I’ll be honest this week was harder. We had such a productive positive week last week where I guess it was bit of a novelty and also it just felt so surreal and this week it hit home a little more. I’m not used to having B home and I certainly noticed that I get aggravated when he sits down-ha! When he’s productive and busy I feel positive but this week he started slacking (he’s allowed as we are all coping in different ways) and man did it effect my mood.
I had to get out for a walk and as no one would come with me I went on my own-put on a podcast and trekked through the streets. I smiled and waved at people in their windows but it just felt so quiet and everyone keeping their distance when trying to pass people on the pavement is the strangest thing.

We tried some online learning for both boys this week which has been fun.  LB has loved the Lives from Chester Zoo as he enjoys learning about animals and has been writing facts about each one hes seen.  P has loved singing along with Captain Fantastic at his 10am Toddler time.  He recognises some of the songs from Preschool which he thinks is great.


We spent more time In the garden as the weather perked up.  Oh my goodness do I feel lucky to be in a house with a garden.  B had spent most of last week making the garden ready to use, clearing out the summer house and shed, meaning the kids had a place for their outside toys and to play. They also found lots of toys they’d forgotten about and enjoyed a water fight in their fort that Daddy had created.  These two both love to climb.


After a Facetime with their Auntie they had a den challenge with their cousins and created one that had multiple rooms, including gaming room, wardrobe, and their beds and they even slept in their dens for the evening.  Daddy was adamant there was no way this would work but they slept straight through.
For me getting out in nature and having some me time felt more crucial this week as I felt like I was starting to lose myself a bit.


Daddy has made a few veggie soups for lunches.  These have gone down really well with everyone except LB who likes nothing more than a good moan about anything he’s not sure exactly what might be hiding in there.  We made a favourite dinner of the boys-our homemade pizza.  We are lucky if the little one doesn’t eat all the ingredients before they end up on the pizza though.

We have woken up with some serious morning hairdos which has made us chuckle.  Daddy has threatened to shave everyone’s heads!

There have been plenty of different games, lack of clothes (Just Pjs and being Naked!) and trying to make normal things more fun so that the kids don’t get too worried about what’s going on as I have no doubt they are feeling the vibes from us and things they may hear on the tv/radio.
I mean who doesn’t want to wear goggles in the bath there is so much to see in there.

We designed our rainbows to express our gratitude to the NHS and stuck them in our front window so we could share them with everyone walking past.
We’ve clapped for the NHS on Thursday Nights and it really brings a tear to my eye.  I feel very strongly that it is not enough and that the NHS has been truly failed but at the minute this is what I can do and the community spirit is uplifting.
We’ve also been playing plenty of  board games which P is starting to understand more which I really lovely.  He’s really learning to take his turn and it helps him practise his counting when we are using a dice.

I got back In contact with my old Dance College friends and a Whats app group has been set up and is keeping me going each day. This photo is me having a singing lesson back in the day (the only photo I found on my own I didn’t want to drag them all down with me!).  Loving my daily chats with my Mum Tribe,  my friends and family and the many facetimes we are having with different people. So grateful for technology right now.

LB has been trying to teach his little brother how to play computer games with him.  P just loves to feel like he’s involved so even when he’s loosing every race he’s not too bothered. I’m sure that will change. LB has also started building things with his lego.  He loves a lego set but when it comes to creating from his own imagination he usually doesn’t know where to start.  Here he’s making a lego prison like the one he’d started with his school friend but never got the chance to finish.

LB discovered he had a wobbly tooth (bottom centre right), he thought he had made it wobbly by banging it but when we looked closer we could see the big one growing up behind it.  I thought he would start wobbling like mad but he’s hardly touched it.

Disney+ has been keeping us going.
The boys have enjoyed the Incredibles 1 & 2 and I’ve seen the new Aladdin and  started watching all the Pirates of the Caribbean films.  I can’t wait to watch more, annoyingly my boys aren’t film fans (I’m hoping to change that).

Going to the supermarket has been surreal.
The queues outside, the gloves and face masks, distances from staff and other customers (which if I’m honest is not exactly happening in our local store) it feels strange to smile at people but avoid them at all costs. Some of the shelves are bare and getting pasta, toilet roll, chopped tomatoes, baked beans or flour is a mission.

Another week completed keeping safe at home with my loved ones.
Its a real mental struggle to feel happy to be in my family bubble enjoying the time together, which we never usually get the chance to do and the guilt of knowing that there are so many people out there suffering and helping keep this country and the world going at this time.  No one could have predicted experiencing something like this in our lifetime and although being apart from our family and friends and confined to our houses is difficult at times, I am nothing but grateful.

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