Coronavirus Lockdown (Week 1)

Friday 20th March-Thursday 26th March.

So a little photo catch up diary of what we’ve been up to while isolating at home and how we’ve been getting through this weird time as a family.
On Friday 20th March we all finished school and work and came home and that was it- we were not to leave again except for essentials. Boris Johnson closed schools and therefore my business (as a dance studio running from schools) as well as all non essential businesses before putting us on a lockdown on Monday 23rd where we were only to leave our house for food, medicine or 1 exercise per day.

We were up and ready every day for PE with Joe Wicks at 9am-the kids did it while I planned the day or logged on to work emails and got a few bits done. We tried to get ourselves into a little bit of a routine as we knew this was going to be a little strange for us all. The children coped miraculously well, being generally upbeat and getting LB to do his school work was easy enough.  LB is quite a homebird anyway like his dad and they are always quite happy being around the house and chilling out.  I worried I wasn’t offering LB enough and I sat with him while he did all of his schoolwork, trying to work out if this is what he needed or whether I was going to be able to set the work and get on with other stuff I wanted to do.  P roamed around playing and I always had a few activities for him to join us at the table for too.  Thank goodness for friends who facetimed us each day with new challenges including a dragon mosaic, hand picture, a Harry Potter word challenge and more.

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