Ok I’m Back!

Its been about 6 months since I’ve written anything on my blog and to be honest it was fairly infrequent before that.  I’ll be honest I’ve been so busy and have struggled to find the time or the inspiration to post.  However here I am finding myself at home with a little more spare time (kind of) you know amongst trying to homeschool, work and make plans for my Dance School business as well as complete every job we’ve ever wanted to do around the house/garden!

Ok so a little re introduction.  My name is Gemma-I am 37- well only just it was my birthday last Monday, I am a wife, mother and business owner.  I have been married to B for 9 years In July and we have two boys. LB who is 7 and P who is 3.  I work part time teaching dance and drama in an SEN secondary school and run my own Performing Arts School which I have been Principal of for 13 years.
I am a lover of the theatre, a good book (another thing I’ve seriously slacked on over the last few years), gin and tonic, fairy lights, spending time with friends and family and taking photos. I’m not so keen on feeling overwhelmed, strong coffee, constant noise, mess and any type of confrontation no matter how small.


It flashed up on my phone a few weekends back that I started this blog 5 years ago and it made me realise how much I used to love reading other peoples blogs and writing my own little diary online.   Life kind of got in the way and I started spending less time on the things I love doing and more time on the things I thought I should be doing (work/house stuff) or could be bothered to do (laying on the sofa binge watching Netflix Series)once the boys had gone to bed.  I started spending more time following my favorite bloggers on Instagram than actually reading their blog posts and as we all sit here in a Lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic I wanted to take a look at this situation and see how I could rectify it.

So while planning the homeschool and housework schedule I’ve also started thinking about how I could spend my time. Having my husband at home also at the minute means I don’t have to be watching the kids constantly and they are gradually learning to be a little more independent (they are generally an attention seeking pair).

(My Boys with their Lockdown Haircuts courtesy of daddy!)

So here are a few of the things that while we are safe indoors and I am trying desperately not to lose my mind I would like to do more of…….

  • Read
  • Take A Bath with candles and chill
  • Spend Quality time with my Family
  • Finish jobs around the house we’ve had planned for ages
  • Make plans for my business’ future
  • Mindful Colouring
  • A craft project my mum bought me for Christmas
  • Facetime with Family and Friends

I’m hoping that I can/will start blogging a bit more regularly again as I had enjoyed having this little space for my musings and keeping a little diary of what we had been up to.  More recently I’ve had various moments of thinking the same-penning a blog post to then leave it sat in the drafts and never actually pressing publish-which is just silly!
So here I am putting it out there that I am going to start posting again and I truly hope I can keep it up.

Gemma x

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