End of Year One

I can’t quite believe it! Another academic year is over and with it LB’s time in Year One.

As you can guess I’ve just found this post drafted on my blog and had planned to post it at the end of term-oops!! I still thought it was a memory I’d like to document with some added bits so here goes…..

I cant quite believe the things he has learnt. The way he has flown through the reading levels finishing the year as a confident free reader and absolute lover of books. I’m not sure how long it will last but I will take it for now. He’s eager to do the school book review challenge and the library reading challenge and can’t wait to get stuck in. NB. He has already completed these only half way through the holidays!

I am so proud of the kind, caring young boy he has shown he is, particularly by being the only child invited to the party of a little boy in his class who doesn’t speak. (His mum says he does speak romanian and English but has never spoken a word at school).

I love taking this photo at the start and end of each year. I don’t show him what he said before, just ask the same question and I love to hear what he’s aspiring to at the time. He got a basketball hoop for his birthday in January and loves practising his shooting, especially as he gets better (it was an interesting start when he couldn’t get it in at all), so he’s heading for that basketball player dream!

There have been challenges of course, he won’t try new things unless he knows he’ll do well, he’s cocky but isn’t hugely confident in his abilities and he has a temper we are learning to control. He likes to push every boundary at home but am assured apart from needing the occasional nudge to make the right choice he should be proud of how far he has come at school.

His teacher gave them a few little presents each at the end of term – some sweets, bubbles etc and a little bookmark with a poem on one side and some words to describe the child on the other I loved the ones she chose for LB and think she got it pretty spot on!!!

So proud of everything he has accomplished so far at school and look forward to what’s next for him in Year 2.

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