Half way through Summer 2019

Wednesday marked the half way point in our schools Summer Holidays. Three weeks ago they broke up and in 3 weeks they’ll be back!!

I feel like we haven’t done very much as yet due to two weeks of me working at my Performing Arts Schools, Summer School, Showbiz! The boys have tagged along for the majority of it meaning they haven’t had a huge amount of attention from me though they certainly haven’t lacked it from all my wonderful students. Then Tuesday it tipped it down with rain and seriously I felt like I’d lost all possibility of having a lovely summer.

So to keep memories alive and remind myself that we’ve done more than I thought and the kids are in fact having a (mostly) great time I decided to share a bit about summer so far for us! Man has there been noise, mess, tantrums, tears and a gin most nights but we’ve enjoyed some lazy days, some days out in the sun, time with grandparents and friends and even a few moments for me on my own.

The first few days when LB broke up from school the sun was shining we had friends over to enjoy the sun and our paddling pool, we went to Burnham Beeches to explore the nature reserve, have a picnic and wander in the woods, LB started the reading challenge at the Library and we prepared for the craziness that is summer camps.

We celebrated my little sisters 11th Birthday with a Family Party after LB had spent the week at Lighthouse with his cousin and friend. A week of crafts, drama and sport meant he didn’t have to come to work with me and he had a blast. Grateful for friends who can help with lifts and childcare.

We’ve had parts of days at home, watching films, doing homework, making scrapbooks, attempting to tidy/rearrange/declutter toys while making more mess, reading, gardening and generally just being.

Evenings at the park after my summer school when the kids begged me and I’m glad I listened! All I wanted to do was crack on with the to do list-empty lunch boxes, cook dinner, prep for the next day, bath, bed etc but seeing them having fun helped me relax.A day down at the river with Nanny and Grandad while I worked , to play games, enjoy a picnic and splash in the water. Then a day with Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Great Aunts and cousins of course eating too much ice cream and cake and going crazy on sugar and good behaviour.

A trip to a different park (we made a bucket list of different parks and we are in about no 5) with friends for a catch up and some fresh air though we did have to do a pack and run as the sky turned a not very nice shade of black!

Bubble baths and lush bath bombs to help me relax and them play! Moments where I foolishly thought I’d get a minute to read and read no more than a sentence. Anyone else’s kids need them to watch every single thing they do and call your name approximately 56102846492 until your brain explodes?!

So that’s been the first half of the summer holidays.

My mum guilt has kicked in so badly and I feel so bad for the days we have no plans and so exhausted by the days that we do. I want to be able to give my kids the best as we all do, yet anxiety and low funds mean I hold back more than I want. However LB has told me he loves being at home and some of his favourite things are bits we do here and so far when I look back at photos and what we did each day it’s been pretty damn busy and we’ve done so much more than I thought. Funny how the mum brain works hey?

Anyway I hope everyone is having a nice break and are able to spend some extended periods at home/away rather than work. Just wish the sunshine would come back and play as I’m really not ready for Autumn!

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