Summer Bucket List

So the Summer Holidays are fast approaching, in fact only one week to go here and I am split between SO excited to spend time with the boys, enjoy some day trips, time with friends and rest and recoup (Ok I mean who am I kidding) and scared of totally loosing my sanity after day 2.

Over the last month I have been planning our Summer by military precision and have been making lists galore! I am totally prepared for it to go tits up of course and have left plenty of leeway, with some days booked in and some left blank for time at home or just the 3 of us-so don’t panic!

Here are our ideas so far for our 41 days of Summer …….

  1. Park
  2. Picnic
  3. Swimming
  4. Cinema
  5. Paddling pool
  6. Blow Bubbles
  7. Ice creams and ice lollies galore
  8. Film at home with popcorn
  9. Library reading challenge
  10. Bake cookies/cakes
  11. Go to the Beach
  12. Go to the Farm
  13. Have a Water fight
  14. Crafts
  15. Magazines
  16. Stickers
  17. Build a den
  18. Science experiments
  19. BBQs
  20. Teach LB to ride his bike
  21. Kitchen discos
  22. PJ day
  23. Go to the Museum
  24. Treasure Hunt/Nature Trail
  25. explore a new place
  26. Sleepover (anybody?!)
  27. Climb a tree
  28. Yoga
  29. National Trust
  30. Visit Grandparents
  31. Scrapbook
  32. Take photos
  33. Feed the ducks
  34. Board games
  35. Tie dye shirts
  36. Make a sandcastle
  37. Go to the Zoo/Safari Park
  38. Help cool dinner
  39. Explore the woods
  40. Paint Rocks
  41. Laugh

I have made a separate list of all the local parks, friends to see, local farms, museums etc so I have ideas for those ‘argh we have no plans day’. I am on it I tell you-I mean who doesn’t love a list?!

Running my own business means I have to do a certain amount of juggling but I don’t have any set childcare, except one week of Lighthouse for LB which luckily coincides with the first week of my Performing Arts Schools Summer School. I run 2 weeks of Musical Theatre Workshops for kids and my two come along for the ride. I then have to do admin as and when I can. It’s a juggle but I am so grateful to have the majority of the holidays off with my kids and I feel very lucky as I know a lot of mums don’t have that opportunity.

I’ve even written a list of things I’d like to do for me over the holidays-I know I’m optimistic!!

  1. Read at least 2 books
  2. Blog
  3. Date day/night with B
  4. Go out with friends without the kids
  5. Make a Vision Board
  6. Start a course I’ve enrolled on
  7. Clear out/organise our new office
  8. Get a massage
  9. Paint my nails
  10. Keep up my exercise regime as much as possible

This is a photo of the boys from last Summer and I can’t wait to see what we get up to this year. The adventures, the giggles, the cuddles, the memories and of course the tantrums and tears (though hopefully there won’t be quite as many of them as I’m currently anticipating)!!

Hope you have a wonderful time, whatever you do and wherever you go!

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