Me and Mine (June 2019)

2 months in a row no I can’t quite believe it either! While mucking around in the beautiful sunshine, splashing in the paddling pool, running through sprinklers and popping hundreds of bubbles I grabbed a rare moment of us all having fun together to snap only 2 quick photos before Daddy walked away!

June has been rammed full of sunshine and rain, work and play, early starts and lazy mornings! Summer has finally officially arrived and the Summer Holidays are in sight (3.5 weeks and counting). We have sports day, play dates, mufti days, transition to year 2 and school trips to Warwick Castle still to come though so no doubt it will whizz by in a flash!

June has been busy-I mean what month isn’t it seems?! We’ve celebrated Birthdays, Fathers Day, Wedding Anniversary’s, Business Anniversaries (12 years of owning my Performing Arts School) and a cheeky inset day. We’ve been to dance festivals, been strawberry picking, splashed in the paddling pool, explored on walks in the woods and played in parks and the garden. We’ve eaten BBQs, pizza, seafood, Chinese and Greek salads (not together) while drinking gin chatting with friends about new marriages, imminent deaths and everything in between. Life is beautiful and crappy sometimes all at the same time.

But for all of us individually June has bought some new things to enjoy and it’s almost always about the little things….

Daddy is loving

  1. Buying some new jeans/shorts for work as after losing a load of weight he’s bored of pulling them up constantly
  2. Football in the garden with the boys – he has to sit down in the goal and they bundle him each time they score
  3. Teaching P to play golf. We can’t quite believe how good he actually is at 2 years old.
  4. Work coming in consistently keeping him busy but he’s been very good and started making sure he has the weekends at home with us
  5. Sleep-he is so not a morning person!

Mummy is Loving

  1. Actually reading a full magazine, rather than just snippets here and there
  2. Starting to read at least a chapter of my book each night before I sleep as well as writing a gratitude journal. I might actually get through the huge pile I have
  3. My 5 x weekly Joe Wicks HIIT workout. Heading into week 9 now and feeling pretty good
  4. A new haircut-my fringe cut back in and a little bob
  5. Weekends filled with dance festivals and my students winning medals and trophies. Such a proud teacher!

LB is Loving

  1. Playdates and parties with friends
  2. Our trip to Legoland. He’s 6 and was told he was able to go on rides on his own if he wanted to because he’s so tall!
  3. Books. Not only does he read a chapter of his school book every day but at night he reads stories such as Dirty Bertie, Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Horrid Henry before he sleeps
  4. Having Nanny and Grandad back from their two week holiday
  5. Thinking up ideas for our Summer Holiday fun list

P is Loving

  1. Cat in the Hat Series on Netflix
  2. Trying to sing his ABC’S
  1. All the scary rides at Legoland – we certainly have a thrill seeker
  2. Joining in my morning workouts after the school run
  3. Fruit-seriously he’d eat it all day long if he could

I wanted to add this photo from our day at Legoland. It may be without Daddy but with a surrogate big sister added to the tribe.

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