Me and Mine (May 2019)

So I managed it I got a photo of all 4 of us-together!!!! For some reason this always seems like a mission to me. We spend so much time tag teaming as parents, as two self employed people with our own businesses, it’s the only way for us right now and we don’t spend as much time as we want all together. Then when we are together someone looks exhausted or dirty from work or the kids won’t cooperate and it makes me sad that I can’t keep this going every month! I promised myself at the start of the year that I’d do this post even if it was a photo of just me and the kids but considering I haven’t even managed a single blog post since February you can see I’ve not really succeeded in that goal but this month (ok last month-it’s taken forever to actually write/post this) I got one so here’s what we’ve been loving recently ………

Daddy is loving

  1. Work being busy (well for the financial side rather than the head spinning part)
  2. Golf Clash game on his phone and talking to his clan via FaceTime. Communication with new friends all over the world.
  3. New Veggie meals being cooked.
  4. Having me at home for a week over Half Term
  5. Ticking off jobs around the house.

Mummy is loving

  1. The series Grimm on Netflix
  2. Joe Wicks YouTube video workouts
  3. Craft Gin Club and it’s little cocktails
  4. Slowly gaining more space and organisation in our new office
  5. The weather starting to perk up and getting more time outdoors

LB is loving

  1. Jobs around the house. We’ve added a few small chores for him to do and he’s thriving on them
  2. Still addicted to Mario Kart or Mario Party (however not always maintaining the behaviour to get them)
  3. The fact that we are in The last term before the big Summer Holidays
  4. Spending time with Daddy
  5. Fish Burgers for dinner

P is loving

  1. Digging in the garden
  2. Friday Morning Walks in the Woods with friends
  3. Jumping in muddy puddles
  4. Marble run
  5. Having little play picnics and cutting up his wooden veggies and cakes.

My photos are always selfies of the 4 of us together as it’s just too difficult otherwise. This way I can just snap away and hope that at least one of them is alright. LB has decided recently that he only likes photos on his own and tries to sabotage any with other people in them, hence the grumpy face in these (he was not grumpy). I’ve also noticed my selfies have been a bit blurry recently then I realised I’d put the screen protector slightly over the camera (oops). You know what though I really couldn’t care less. If it has all of us in it I don’t actually care what we look like. So often I let these little things get me down as I put pressure on myself to get everything perfect. Some days I feel like I’m dropping every possible plate and I just don’t know what to do to pick myself up off the floor and then I look at photos like this…… whatever the quality or whether everyone is looking at or smiling at the camera or whether we are in some place fun or simply on the sofa I am with my gang and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!!

Except maybe on a spa day,drinking a glass of Prosecco, in silence while being pampered -Hahahaha!

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