Simple Sunday Vibes

Hello Sunday! A day of rest (that still feels weird after so long working it) and a day of family! I do love them but man I’d prefer not to see them at 5am….I’m exhausted by 9. We don’t move very fast on a Sunday morning – plenty of tea, game playing, reading, cartoon watching and meal planning and I love it!

But really how are we here again-does anyone else feel like the weeks are just flying by? I swear it’s because I have my Show at the end of this term and with so much to do it’s just decided to approach at the speed of light – Gulp!!

Anyway onto my 7 things I’ve been loving this week…..

Chocolate Hob Nobs Dipped In Tea

I mean they really are the best biscuits!! I always think of Peter Cay and his joke about Hob Nobs being the Marine of Biscuits – Dunk Me Dunk Me!!!!! I could seriously eat the whole packet in one sitting.


LB got loads of Lego and Blox for his birthday, I mean loads and we’ve been doing a bit most days. I even sat on Friday Night once kids were in bed, feeling a bit stressed out and instead of putting on the TV I sat and built some of his old pieces that had been broken up in his Lego box. It’s really quite therapeutic.

Incense and Candles

I’ve been trying to relax a little more, take time away from Work and Social Media to try and calm my ever chattering brain! So I’ve been lighting candles in the living room of an evening and an incense stick when reading my book in bed each night. It’s really lovely to bring the low light and gorgeous smell into my chill time.

Getting to the bottom of the washing basket

Now we all know this doesn’t happen very often and generally doesn’t last very long but that momentary feeling of accomplishment is definitely a goodun!!

Flicking through cookbooks trying to find something new to try

We have a ton of cookbooks and gained a further 4 for Christmas based around our new Mainly Veggie lifestyle. At least once a week I sit down and flick through and try and find something new for the week! It can be a bit manic during the week and sometimes we fall into bad habits of just grabbing something from the freezer or shoving in a Jacket Potato, but I try my best to have something freshly cooked each day!

My Support Network

Some weeks I just find everything a little overwhelming as I know many people do! My anxiety kicks in and I just go into a meltdown of I’m not good enough and I can’t do this!!! Being able to chat:cry this out with my husband and friends is a big help and usually the next day things seem a bit brighter. I saw this this week and completely related.

A New Month

I think everyone feels like January is a neverending month! It’s a tough one where you’re urged to get up and go at full speed to attain everything you want and realistically very few people have it in them. January is cold, dark and so much less sparkly than December and sometimes it can just feel a bit bleurgh!! We are all back to party mode by the end of the month with LBs birthday but February does seem to have a little more joy to bring, with Valentines and Half Term thrown in too!

Thanks for reading my little joys! What have you been loving this week? X

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