Little Loves (January 2019)

Hello Little Lovers and what a start to 2019. As we all know January doesn’t have 31 days it has about 483 but we made it!! I’ve gone head first into a Show Term at my Performing Arts School, it was my eldest’s Birthday Month (6 I mean how is that possible) and I have my Sundays back after leaving a much loved Youth Theatre Group after 13 years and am now just stalking on Facebook so everything has just been a little mental and a little bit out of routine.

I’ll admit I’m no longer a New Years Resolutioner as Gemma of the past was and I tend to spend January now in a bit of Reflection over the past year and what I want out of the next. I take it quite slow as someone with a massive fear of failure i now know setting myself up to fail is just not good for me. I’ve been reading certain books to help with that, had a business coaching meeting, started blogging again and tried to get my head around all the stuff!


I’ve been flitting between The Stress Solution by Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Your Dream Life Starts Here and The Dream Journal by Kristina Karlsson of Kikki K.

Both along the self care line as that’s where my mindset has been but I have quite a few Non Fiction beauties that I received for Christmas that I can’t wait to delve into as well! I really want to make more time for reading this year and try to go to bed and read something (even if only a few pages) before falling asleep each night.

Also I love a flick through the magazines that drop through my letterbox each month!


My Spotify playlist has mainly been music for my show, as I’m trying to choreograph left right and centre. A few songs I hadn’t heard before that I am using for routines are…..

Summer Dress by Xenia

Skeletons by Drehz

And a huge favourite of mine El Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge.


Well I am officially a Netflix convert and just seem to binge watch constantly. This month it has been Season 3 Grace and Frankie (in the space of a weekend), all 3 Seasons of Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries and Season 3 of The Good Place. I’m not getting very far with my reading as I keep sneaking up to bed too late after saying ‘Oh I could watch just one more couldn’t I?!’


We are Still on the Veggie train here and some faves this month have been ……

Thai Tom Yum soup

Top : Mexican Bean Chilli

Bottom : Tomato Sauce for Veggie Lasagne which we layered up with Spinach, Pasta and Bechamel Sauce

Spinach and Chickpea Curry

And one that didn’t work quite right but was a lot of fun trying- Coconut Ice! Might help if I’d bought Condensed Milk rather than Evaporated Milk-Silly Mummy!

We can’t quite believe how easy we have found being mainly Veggie. We only eat meat at the weekends but my husband gets increasingly sick and bloated from Meat so we have been slowly cutting it out more and more.


Well we’ve been mainly wrapped up warm as we’ve battled against our first hit of winter with freezing temperatures and snow.

We realised the boys were matching when heading out one day and I was so pleased to get a nice photo of the pair of them. Usually one or the other is being a Twit!!

Both boys are a little dinosaur mad and I love this little outfit P has on here – I’ll be gutted when he grows out of this Matalan Rain Coat!

I’m sporting my Christmas Presents from Hubby with my Firetrap hat (I got gloves too) and new nose ring.

This top is pretty damn accurate and he doesn’t need encouraging! Father Christmas bought this for P and LB got one saying Rules Don’t Apply! I think he got it spot on!

And Lastly

We’ve enjoyed two snow days off school and although this one isn’t a huge fan of it he enjoyed it the first day (for about 10mins) and snuggled up in PJs on the second refusing to go out and just wanted to play Lego.

We celebrated LB’s 6th Birthday with a Party and he was absolutely spoilt rotten by friends and family. I can’t quite believe how grown up he seems now, it really has gone so fast!!

I started a new little post inspired by a mix of the weekly Little Loves, and Jess and KA’s five on a Friday posts and I really hope I can keep to it on a weekly basis! It’s really lovely to think back over the things you have enjoyed over the week so I’ll be posting 7 simple things each Sunday!

Thanks for reading!

I am linking up with January’s Little Loves over on Mummy Hearts You.

2 thoughts on “Little Loves (January 2019)

  1. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Oh two snow days! We didn’t even get one! We were predicated quite a bit of snow but it never showed. Netflix is great isn’t it? Some really good programmes that are definitely binge worthy! Thank you so much for linking up, have a wonderful February x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I know we couldn’t believe it! We do live up a big hill so definitely get the worst of it! It’s only been the last 6 myths I’ve understood the hype over Netflix now I’m trying to decide what to watch next. Thank you for carrying it on and I look forward to reading everyone’s x


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