Simple Sunday Vibes

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you have all had a wonderful week?! This week has been a little crazy with all the Normal work life mentalness as well Birthday Party Prep, a Snow Day and deadlines. It’s been full to the brim but all worth it!

So here are 7 things that I feel grateful for this week…..

The Love of Family and Friends

Tomorrow is LBs 6th Birthday so this weekend has been filled with Parties and Visitors, so many helpers and presents and a whole heap of Love! It’s been wonderful to catch up with everyone and see his face light up with the gifts he’s received and it’s not over yet! Feeling very grateful for the lovely people I have in my life!

Making Plans

As a family (and I’m sure we aren’t the only ones) we have a tendency to plod through the norm of everyday life and get to the weekend and just play catch up or try and recharge with as much downtime as possible which is not easy with an almost 6 year old and 2year old! However I know we are missing out on time with friends and family and getting outside more! So booking a lunch date with a friend and making promises with some family to get together more often (especially as my Sundays are now free) feels really good!


I know it caused chaos and meant a night off work (treat but a pain as we have a show coming up), as well as a snow day for LB on Wednesday which got my routine and therefore my head in all sorts of crazy but I do love to watch the snow fall, wrap up and crunch through it all and see the joy (it lasts approx 5 mins before the I’m sooooo cold tears) on the boys faces!!


I don’t know what it is but there’s nothing quite like a glass of bubbles to celebrate!

Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries

I love a good Murder Mystery book or programme- in fact so does the husband so it’s something we generally watch together, unless it’s an oldie or one set back in time eg Diagnosis Murder or Murdoch Mysteries then he leaves me to it and this one set in the 1920s is my new Netflix secret pleasure.


I love to have a potter round the house and it always makes me feel better the more tidy it is, but I’ll be honest we have a lot of stuff and I am awful at chucking things out. I am a hoarder and a very sentimental person which doesn’t help! Our cupboards, loft and my nans garage is overflowing with stuff and I desperately want to start minimising this year. By selling things we no longer use we can hopefully earn some money (which is always helpful) as well as clearing space in my brain, which always feels so much more cluttered when my surroundings are the same. I don’t have a huge amount of time to do it but little and often and we’ll get there eventually.

Noticing how much my boys are changing

Every now and again I feel like the boys have a massive leap in their understanding, abilities and personalities! It’s such a beautiful journey to watch and be a part of and although sometimes I just want to burst into tears, wrap them up and make them promise they’ll never grow a day older (yes I’ve done that this week) it’s so much fun to watch these changes and see how different they are to each other and themselves a few months back! I try hard to soak up their innocence and excitement, it’s just wonderful to see how enthusiastic they are by the simplest things in life and I wish to take a leaf out of their books as often as possible.

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