Simple Sunday Vibes

Hello Sunday! I’m posting my Simple Sunday vibes a little bit later than last week but I’ve been busy pottering around the house, heading out to the park and getting my weekly to do list sorted (then I realised I hadn’t scheduled it-oops!)

So here we are again at the end of the week and weekend and I must admit to not being a fan of a Sunday! I know, I know-I’m working on it …..but Sunday used to be a day of work for me and now it isn’t, I feel a little lost. I’ve always had a sunday mood (says my husband) which is more on the anxious stressy side than the cool, calm and collected one! Which is why I’ve decided to find the time to write this post on a Sunday, to think back over everything I’m grateful for this week. So here goes……..

My Foam Roller

Since being back at work and cracking on with show choreography I have certainly felt the body parts I’d forgotten to use over Christmas. My foam roller has been my best friend to stretch out my calves and ease the plantar fasciatis pain that has unfortunately reared it’s ugly head again. I’m exhausted physically and mentally by all the work needed to put on the show but so excited by it all too.

Fresh Air

It’s certainly got colder this week but the sky has been clear blue and so beautiful so we have wrapped up warm and got outside most days to clear those cobwebs. On Fridays we meet a friend and her little boy to go exploring and it’s one of my favourite times of the week.

Bedtime routine

I have tried to get myself back into the routine of getting into bed by 10-10.30pm each night, lighting incense and reading (usually only for about 10-15 mins before my eyes get heavy) but with my phone turning off my screen time from 10pm-6am I feel like I am sleeping better and it’s making mornings a little easier.

Business Coaching

I recently received some funding to use to better my business and have used it on some business coaching. I had a second session this week and have been given some tools to hopefully tackle some of the things that have been holding me back. Now to take Action!!

My Dream List

I have loved talking to friends about their dreams as I gradually add more and more to my Kikki K dream journal! We’ve discussed places we’d like to travel, careers or passions we’d like to pursue, food we’d like to try and the home life we aspire to!

Veggie Curry

As I’ve said before we’ve started to eat mainly Veggie and I stun myself sometimes with the ease of it and how I’m really not missing meat. The biggest thing is how flavoursome everything is, especially the curries. They are so easy to just throw together which makes it even better. P will actually eat some of my curry but LB thinks something is spicy if you put pepper in it, so only issue with wanting curry is having to cook something separate for the kids.

Grace and Frankie

I’ve got addicted to Netflix/Amazon Prime box sets over the last 6 months and this has been a favourite. I was so Glad to have this one back on Friday – season 3 was binge watched in two evenings-very gutted I now have to wait a year!

Happy Sunday Everyone …… have a great week x

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