Simple Sunday Vibes

Since losing my weekly little loves post to a monthly one I have noticed my little spot for weekly regular gratitude had disappeared. That post had helped me sit down each week and reflect and I wanted to bring that back so here in a post very much inspired by Jess’ five things on a Friday and KA’s Friday favourites I wanted to bring in a weekly sit down to remind myself of the lovely things that I’d experienced, read, felt during that week! I’m aiming for seven (one for each day) and I have no particular format in mind as I still intend to join in with the monthly little loves now hosted by mummyheartsyou. The majority of my points are likely to be nothing too exciting but simple, easy things that made me smile and as I sometimes need reminding, they are actually the best!!

Kikki Ks – Your Dream Life Starts Here book and journal

I received the journal as a gift for Christmas from my SIL and was so excited. She had no idea this was on my wish list but knows how much I love stationary, notebooks and journals! I quickly ordered the book and have been reading a bit every night this week! I’m not great at getting into the dreaming mindset as I question myself a lot but i want to try and delve into my life and what I want out of it a bit more this year. After a few years of trying to deal with anxiety and depression I want to look for the positive and strive for it.

New skinny jeans from Matalan

Ok they are more like jeggings (they are called Rosie if you’re wondering) but man are they comfy and ideal for mum life! I’ve never been a fan of jeans, for someone that has always been quite active I found them restrictive but stretchy ones I am all for. My last pair had been worn to death literally, so I treated myself this week to a new pair and I’m sure they will be worn until they are fraying too.

Finishing off the chocolates and crap food

Ok this gave me mixed emotions! I want to get back into a healthier lifestyle as you know Christmas is just full to the brim of eating, drinking, lazing around and basically Hibernating. I lost 10lbs before Christmas and pretty much put it back on (which I fully expected) but I have rubbish willpower and with treats and snacks still lying around my house I have felt the need to slowly make my way through them before I can fully embrace the New Year healthily. This is fine I never have a dramatic ‘it’s January new year new me’ thing, I think you should be kind to yourself in January so I have enjoyed my evenings binge watching Netflix, munching my way through the chocolates and other bits and pieces, however I have upped the vegetables, lowered the alcohol consumption and started to think more about exercise.

Hitting 10,000 steps every day

As said above I’m slowly dragging myself into 2019 with some healthier viewpoints one being putting my Fitbit back on and making sure I hit 10000 steps every day and getting outside. Some days it’s closer to 15000 and others I have to pace my hall way before bed to hit that all important number but it’s definitely a start. I need to get myself into a better exercise regime but haven’t quite sorted what, when or where as yet!

Continuing to eat veggie

Around September/October last year my husband decided we should try and be vegan (ok that was a little bit too strict from our hugely carnivore life) so after a few weeks we decided that vegetarian would work better for us. So for the last 3-4 months we have been eating veggie throughout the week with meat only at the weekend! Obviously Christmas blew that off a little bit but we have got back to that and man I can’t believe that this has been possible for us. B was a massive meat eater and would moan if I made a veggie meal before now it’s him that questions us eating meat at the weekend. This week though the kids have started to be a lot more onboard with it and have been eating most things without complaint – now that to me is a big win!

Sunday morning laziness

Sunday mornings are for lay ins (Ummmm I have a 2 and almost 6 yr old?!) Cups of tea in bed and cuddles! We are certainly a family who enjoys lazy mornings rather than one that jumps up and out the house for activities. Sometimes that upsets me, you know FOMO and all that but other times it really is my most favourite time! I used to work every Sunday so would only have the mornings with my boys and the snuggles and giggles when we all climbed into our bed are what got me through. Now I don’t have my Sunday responsibilities (which I’m still processing as it was a tough decision) and get to spend all day with my family. They are likely to drive me utterly bonkers but it’ll be so lovely to not have to clock watch and to be able to laze around or go an adventure whenever we like!

Getting back to teaching

Ok getting back to work after any break can be a tough one even when you love your job and I’ll admit it was not something I was looking forward to. However as soon as I was back in the studio I felt great! I had that little bit of space away from my kids And the craziness of my house and was having fun again with my students, choreographing dances for festivals and our show this term and I felt alive!!

Now i really enjoyed writing that and am looking forward to this time each week! 2018 saw my blogging really peak and trough as did my mental health and blogging has always been something that has felt good. However I got myself into a slump of feeling like I couldn’t be bothered or I had nothing to say when actually it’s really therapeutic. Looking back through my camera roll I have some lovely photos from Christmas that I want to post so I’m already thinking up a post about December!

So 2019 let’s see what you bring to gemslittletreasures -hopefully a weekly blog post, monthly link ups, plus some added extras on our adventures, dreams and more!

Happy Sunday x

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