2 Today-A letter to our Boy!

I’m sitting here on your birthday feeling completely baffled I honestly can’t believe it, How can you be two?! It seems like you were only born a few months ago yet have been here forever! At 11.23am on Saturday 8th October 2016 you were handed to me and all my worries of what it was going to be like as a mum of 2 just disappeared (momentarily I must add) as well as my Little hope that you were a girl. You have fitted into our lives perfectly, caused chaos and confusion yet taken everything in your stride! It took a bit of getting used to being a family of 4, there have been some pretty tough moments for all of us and yet here we are two years later all still standing and loving it!

There are so many things going around in my head right now, so much I want to say to you but I’m honestly not sure I can get all the words out so…..

Here are some things about you at 2 years old

* You love the Paw Patrol (or the Woo Woos as you call them) especially Chase.it used to be Peter Rabbit but sadly that time has passed.

* Your big brother is your hero. You may fight like cat and dog but man are you protective. If LB gets told off you shout ‘Mummy No’ and whenever he’s hurt you are straight there with a hand on his shoulder checking he’s ok. You however are rarely bothered by falling over, or hurting yourself in any way.

* You are so noisy! You do not have a volume switch (neither does your brother) oh unless someone whispers to you and then you repeat it in a whispered voice.

* You have certainly found your voice and if you don’t get what you want you will throw & kick stuff and won’t stop screaming till you get your own way (or maybe a dummy). Independence is certainly on its way.

* You refuse to drink milk out of anything other than a bottle and will down right refuse the many cups mummy has bought (including a paw patrol one). Water and juice oh that’s fine but milk no!!!!

* You’re language has come on so much in the past month or so. Everyone is starting to understand you more and you are a big chatterbox. You have even sung happy birthday to yourself today and I had no idea you knew the song

* You are pretty fearless, climbing high, launching yourself at me unexpected at the top of the stairs (that’s what I call trust) and generally trying to do anything your big bro does (but would never have attempted at your age).

* You love stories! However you prefer to read them yourself than listen to the one we are reading.

* You love getting into bed and cuddling up with us all! Cuggles as you say!

* Your tickly spot is your ribs and your giggle is simply the best noise.

* You love homemade pizza, pesto pasta, tomatoes, meat (any type), all of the fruit oh and don’t forget SNACKS

* You are an outdoors boy. Barefoot in the garden, sliding down skate ramps with RaRa (your little bestie), climbing hay bales, getting dizzy on anything that spins at the park and picking and eating your own fruit.

* You love the attention you get at rehearsals with mummy and have made some definite firm friends and little games to play! In fact I’m pretty sure you have a lot of teenagers wrapped around your little finger.

* Racing your brother around the house on your ride ons is a definite favourite! Your brother makes you laugh so much. Crashing seems to create the biggest giggle.

I am so proud of who you are little man but Oh to be back at that moment when I held you for the first time! I’m pretty sure it’s etched on my mind and my heart forever but wow to know we created such a crazy bundle of joy (a little boy who is a complete mix of both Mummy and Daddy) and be able to watch you grow day by day.

I feel like the luckiest person alive!

Happy 2nd Birthday Poo!! We love you x

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