Me and Mine (September 2018)

It’s been a little while since I’ve managed to drag all 3 of my boys into a photo! It always ends up as a dodgy last minute, half pajamaed, eyes closed, tongues out mess but that’s us l and I am so glad I capture it… here we are in our full glory!

September has been about us all getting back into a routine – LB heading into Year 1, getting back into it just being myself and P during the week, a new academic year with my dance school and some crazy work weekends as Panto Rehearsals started for me. It’s been pretty crazy and we’ve just been enjoying snatched moments all together when we can, but For the most part myself and B are tag teaming work & kids!

It’s crazy to think for the first week or so of September we were still in our Summer Holiday bubble of trips out with friends, days at the parks, sunshine days and family time and now here we are in Autumn, back into the routine and cuddling up with darker evenings!

Daddy is Loving

* The Ryder Cup and the fabulous win today

* Fry’s Peppermint Creams

* Mummy coming home after work at the weekend

* Our new vegan weekday recipes

* A clean kitchen-we’ve been trying to keep on top of it so it’s sorted before bed

Mummy is Loving

    * Candles, blankets and coziness
    * Watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix
    * The first mince pie of the autumn/winter
    * Strictly Come Dancing being back
    * Blue skies and crisp mornings

LB is Loving

* Being back at school, seeing his friends and making new ones

* Starting Football on Saturday Morning

* Super Mario Brothers on the Wii

* The fact that he can read his brother bedtime stories

* Imaginative Play

P is Loving

* Saying his name in a very high pitched voice

* Fruit – I seriously have to ration it

* Chatting constantly-all the new words!

* Paw Patrol and woo woo’s in general

* Choo Choo Trains and Nee Naws

And my fave picture of the little photo shoot of everyone (except B)…….

I’m linking up with the wonderful me and mine project for Themis post sharing our family in September!

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