Little Loves (September)

Oh my goodness I have no idea where this month has gone – in fact it’s been over two months since I’ve blogged at all-Shocking Behaviour!! I have had every intention of sitting down and typing away and then something else has happened and taken me off track. I need to rectify this properly though.

Anyway it’s the end of September, Autumn has officially started and I’ll admit I’ve started to hunker down for the winter a little. With evenings under blankets burning candles and incense (when I’m not at work that is), hot chocolate treats with my boys, Strictly Come Dancing and planning for the Festive Period-yes the diary is packing out and the lists have started (though let me assure this in no way means I am organised or won’t be running around like a blue arsed fly closer to the time!)


I’ve started Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. A friend lent it to me after hearing me say my head felt like it may explode with everything! So far it’s a good read and puts into perspective the fact that our to do lists will never be done and we should except it.

I’m still reading Eleanor Oliphant. I’m enjoying it but struggling to find the motivation to pick it up. When I get overwhelmed I have a tendency to get swallowed by social media rather than pulling my self out to reading, going for a walk or in general doing anything that would help!


I’ve now got Spotify (yes I know completely behind the times) but it’s a lot easier to teach with when students want a particular song and I have no idea what they are talking about. Feeling Old! I have put together a few playlists including one for the kids of their favourites and have loved listening to a broad array of acoustic, pop, musical etc music that I haven’t heard in a while. My students are in even making playlists for their solo dances and our show and sending them to me so I can chose things I like! Tomorrow I’m choreographing a dance to one of these-not sure which I like best as yet.


Oh my goodness I have been on it with the series over the last month or more. As well as being excited that Strictly is back! It will look like I’ve done nothing but watch TV but I promise it’s just evenings when I literally collapse on the sofa and devour episode after episode and maybe some of these were in August!

Poldark Season 2

New Girl Season 4

Grace and Frankie Season 1 and part of 2

Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 and 2

The Good Place Season 1 and 2 (rather excited Season 3 is out today!)

Loving it all and looking forward to the next season of each! Maybe should do some more reading though rather than binge watching Netflix.


We’ve been eating ‘semi vegan’ this month. We eat a roast on Sunday, leftovers Monday’s and the rest of the week we eat vegetarian or as vegan as possible. We have cooked some amazing recipes that we wouldn’t normally have tried or looked out for. Butternut squash and coconut curry, kale and mushroom lasagne, BBQ baked Beans and I even made my own Yorkshire’s! I’ve only done this once before and I have no idea why I don’t do these daily!!


A fringe!! I finally got round to a new haircut – wow was I desperate for it. My ends were so straggly! B has always loved me with a fringe but I’m never sure as it takes more looking after than I can actually be arsed with half the time. So far though doing ok – it’s only been 8 days!

The layers have also started creeping out and today the Gilets for a morning out in the fresh air!

I wish I was more into fashion but I am definitely more about comfort and practicality! I do spot the odd thing that I love that’s completely out of my comfort zone but I get so scared that I would look completely ridiculous, as I’m usually a jeans and jumper girl and refuse to buy it. Definitely need a personal shopper and to lose a few stone so I look as good in the clothes as I like to imagine!

I did go out for cocktails in Oxford with two of my friends at the start of the month so got a little dressed up for some dancing and fun. We worked out we hadn’t been out drinking for about 3 years so it was definitely time.

And Lastly

This month has been filled with the start of term, lots of planning, getting myself back in the routine of school, work, activities and apparently filling up my lead up to Christmas like crazy-I feel like I could sleep for a week just thinking about it all!

Bring on October with its Birthdays (this one turns 2 next week and his daddy a bit older the week after), Half Term, a West End Musical Trip, Panto Rehearsals, Dance Festival, new activities and more! It’s going to be busy but lots of fun mixed in with the work so I think it’s going to be pretty damn great!

I hope you have all had a wonderful September and I look forward to catching up on some other #LittleLoves posts!

2 thoughts on “Little Loves (September)

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you! I’m slowly getting used to it. The curry was amazing and we will certainly be doing again. We now try and eat our roast and it’s leftovers and then the rest of the week it’s veggie. I’m amazed at the recipes we’ve found. Have a great week x

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