Summer Holiday Bucket List

Summer is nearly here (it starts officially next Tuesday at 1pm) and is something I’ve been so excited for this year! The Summer Holidays are within touching distance and man are we ready for it.

I remember last year wanting to make the most of every single minute as it felt like such a big change over with LB moving from preschool to school in September. Now he’s finished in Reception and is heading into Yr 1. He’s used to constant entertainment with having friends around him 5 days a week so I’ve been trying to get sorted with a lot of ideas to keep us busy!

Now I’m not sure how we’re going to afford the food Bill over the summer as I don’t know about you but my two do not stop eating-I mean ever!!!!! And I’ve got LB at home, not eating his hot dinner and snacks at school. Is rationing frowned upon nowadays?

We have some things already set into our diary including LB spending a week at an activity camp while I’m doing part of my dance Summer School, he will then be joining me for the second week, also his swimming lessons continue through the holidays. We have a friend’s wedding to go to and some family birthdays to celebrate.

Some of my ideas are days out and moments to share with family and friends, others are simple and perfect little moments to enjoy just us! After months of working weekends I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with my boys (that includes the hubby too) I’ve really missed them!

So here are 43 things that will inspire our days (I do not guarantee we will do them all) as we have 43 days of wonderful and ordinary together………..

  1. Library reading challenge
  2. Local Parks
  3. Have fun
  4. Picnics
  5. Bake cakes
  6. Go to the farm
  7. Make pizza
  8. Geocaching
  9. Colouring in
  10. National Trust
  11. Visit Local Museums
  12. Swimming
  13. Watch our veg grow in the garden and hopefully makie some meals from them
  14. Laugh a lot
  15. Explore our local woods
  16. Teach LB to ride his bike
  17. Play football
  18. Pick your own fruit/veg
  19. Make pancakes
  20. Draw and paint pictures
  21. Splash in the Paddling Pool
  22. Crazy golf
  23. Water fights
  24. Activity and sticker books
  25. Eat ice cream
  26. Make memories
  27. Go for walks
  28. Go to the cinema
  29. Make an obstacle course
  30. Do a treasure hunt
  31. Build Lego
  32. Draw a map
  33. Make a family tree
  34. Make a bird feeder
  35. Learn words in another language
  36. Make a den
  37. Play with Bubbles
  38. Watch a film at home
  39. Draw with chalk in the garden
  40. Do a bug hunt
  41. Write about what we are grateful for
  42. Make a scrapbook
  43. Make and fly paper aeroplanes

    I hope you all have a fabulous Summer Holiday whether you are spending time abroad or at home, having to work or have some time off. However you spend it I hope it is fun and exactly what you needed x

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