Little Loves (June 2018)

Wow I honestly have no idea where June went!
It felt like the longest month ever with work every weekend – dance festivals, Seussical Rehearsals, Ballet Exams and More but it has also just whizzed by!
If that makes any sense!
We had a wonderful Half Term with trips to London with friends, to Waddesdon Manor, to the park to feed the ducks, Family BBQs and times spent in the garden and then it just went mental.  I haven’t had a weekend off in Months and I am desperately awaiting the Summer Holidays now so I can spend some proper time with my boys!


So here we go with June’s Little Loves! It has been perfect to sit and look back over the month as I honestly thought I had nothing to show for it except work!


I wish I could say something here but I honestly have had such little time to myself that my book has literally not been picked up.  I have flicked through my Red and Good Housekeeping Magazines but have mainly being losing hours on Instagram. I have been seriously rubbish! I plan to rectify that in July to keep up with my book challenge for 2018 and try and shape out some me time! I also want to get LB signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge at the Library over the holidays and take some time to listen to him read.  I cant believe what he can read already after only a year at school.


I have made a thing about turning  on the radio every morning over breakfast recently, so I am definitely loving bringing music into our house more. Its normally Radio 1 with a little bit of Heart or Smooth FM creeping in when I’m working and P is napping.

Seussical The Musical Songs have been looping round my head with show weekend looming and after 3 months of rehearsals. It’s such a fun show to work on and I think we have our cast set perfectly so I can’t wait to see them bring it alive.  LB loves the Dr Seuss books and this is a real mix of Horton Hears a Who, Green Eggs and Ham and Cat in the Hat! This is a great video from the Broadway cast at a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!


I finally watched The Greatest Showman!!! I know I know where have I been, but after all the rave reviews I bought the DVD and I loved it as of course I would being into Musical Theatre anyway and knowing i already loved the soundtrack.  It’s a real feel good film and has lots of moral stories amongst it which i think are wonderful. My fave track though I love them all is ‘From Now On’ .  How you can hit rock bottom and friends can help remind you what it was all about!

We haven’t really watched much TV except the start of the World Cup if I’m honest.  I’ve been busy and the weather has been lovely so we’ve been sat in the garden in the evenings.  At the end of May we put new decking in and built such a beautiful little area and I couldn’t be happier than to sit out there with B, enjoying a gin and chatting about our week.



As our BBQ died we purchased a BBQ, Smoker and Pizza Oven from Aldi a few weeks back and as we make Homemade pizzas regularly anyway this just makes them even better! P couldn’t be happier!


My kids love spaghetti and meatballs abut LB has started getting a bit fussy when it comes to veg – I thought I’d try these when I saw them in Sainsbury’s and wow they polished them off with no clue they had hidden vegetables in them.  I then made the spicy korean meatballs into a chinese style rice dish with hoisin sauce and soy.  Thoroughly enjoyable and something new for us all.


With the amount of ice creams LB seems to want in this heat I decided to make my own again.  We were so strict on what LB ate when he was younger but P wants whatever his older brother has got, so although he still eats pretty well he does copy and therefore says a lot of yuck before he’s even tasted stuff.  I have made a variety of different ice lollies and they all seem to go down pretty well.


Chopped berries with coconut water or coconut milk, and strawberry and banana smoothie ones have been the faves so far though.



After falling into the Diana Memorial Fountain on our trip to London in Half Term LB spent the rest of the day in a teenagers Hamilton T-shirt and no pants under his Jeans-it was such a fun day of friends, food, exploring and giggles!


Nothing like a straw hat (from Little and Fierce a few years back) on a toddler to make them look scrummy and I’m loving my prescription sunglasses which make driving in this beautiful weather so much nicer.


Plenty of sparkle and a Beautifully pink Florence Nightingale T-shirt for our 10 mile walk in aid of the support they have our wonderful friend Rob who passed away last month.


And Lastly

As it has seemed so few and far between this month I have enjoyed the little moments with my boys and snapping them at every possible moment. I have so many blog posts to write and photos to share, but I am so behind.  Any other self employed mumma’s out there excited about the summer holidays but also so very nervous about how you’re going to fit in the work without any childcare?!


I hope you have all had a fabulous June and are heading into an equally exciting July be that busy busy or starting to relax a little more!
Roll on the summer holidays!


10 thoughts on “Little Loves (June 2018)

  1. tobygoesbananas says:

    It sounds like you’ve had a super hectic month! I love Seussical – it’s such a happy musical. I’m so impressed with my littles reading after just a year at school too – I think our library is doing a reading challenge too, we’re going to go and see tomorrow 🙂 #LittleLoves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It really has been yes and nice to have had chance to breathe again in July! Seuss was so much fun and he Show was great so proud of everyone-songs still going round my head though! We are signed up now to just get filling it out! X


  2. Fiona (@amumtrackmind) says:

    What a lovely round up 🙂 I think I am the only person left who hadn’t seen The Greatest Showman – I have downloaded the soundtrack as my son performed some of the songs in his school concert but have yet to actually watch it. One for July I think! Your London trip looked like a lot of fun – here’s to an lovely six weeks of summer. #LittleLoves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you!! I’m always late on watching films and like you had been listening to the soundtrack already-I loved it! It really was I love to go in and explore with the boys and friends, looking forward to more adventures over the summer. Hope you have a good one too x


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