May Half Term Fun

Now in the lead up to a School Holiday I can start to feel a little overwhelmed about having both boys home with me, entertaining the big one who wants that little bit more now he is fully entertained at school most days and childcare for two when i need to work.  This May Half Term was no different but I was proved completely wrong by trying to change my mindset a little to being more present and thinking I can Do This!  Yes I may be a little (ok a lot) behind on work but spending time with this gorgeous pair was just so much fun and with a few months of working weekends too it was much needed! 

LB had an Inset day on the Friday so he joined our Friday morning meet up with a friend and we headed to a local park to feed the ducks,  scoot and climb in the skate park and get some fresh air.  He was pretty exhausted from school so in the afternoon he was happy to just chill out (well that was what I hoped but instead he wanted to play board games with me while his brother napped).

We then had a very (well I can’t quite say lazy or chilled) Bank Holiday Weekend with some work, family over to help build our new decking and a new BBQ/pizza oven as ours had burnt a hole in the bottom and enjoy some time in our garden which we are so happy about.  We have done so much to the garden over the last 3 years and its looking and feeling so grown up and its really lovely to sit out there now –
Bring on the summer BBQs with friends and family.

On Wednesday we headed into London with Friends for a big explore.  We went to Kensington Gardens, St James’ Park, Buckingham Palace, the Diana Memorial Fountain (which LB fell in to) and on to eat dinner on Southbank. A lot of steps were on the fitbit that day as well as a picnic, ice cream, sunshine and friends-perfect!

On the train home LB started taking photos with a friend’s camera and was absolutely loving it.  Even asking for a big camera himself.  Maybe I’ll have a little apprentice for my blog photos one day.

Then on Thursday we met some friends at Waddesdon.  Unfortunately the queue for Colourscape was a little too long to wait with 3 19 month olds and a 5 year old so we had a wander, played in the park and enjoyed some lunch together.

Friday was a lazy day – we decided with a busy weekend ahead of work we should probably chill a bit.  So we headed to the supermarket (yes with both of them -well one spiderman – so not that chilled).  This photo was LB being happy with his new booster seat.  He’s so tall he’d outgrown his one with the back and he now feels very grown up.  I couldn’t believe how old he looked.

The afternoon was then found searching for bugs in the garden.  P has become fascinated with them.  Sometimes i think its because he’s scared of them but others he just seems to think they are great.  He drags everyone over to see what he’s found and doesn’t quite understand when you aren’t as enthralled as he is. My grandparents also popped in which was lovely. They wanted to see the work we’d done i the garden and we enjoyed a little catch up over a ‘frothy coffee’ (my nan loves them).

Saturday amidst a chaotic day of dance festivals, a hubby with a sick bug and being in charge of both kids we got over to my best friends for her little boys first birthday party. P decided to mow the pavement, we ate BBQ food, cuddled the birthday boy and had a catch up with friends it was lovely.  I cant believe where this year has gone.

Sunday after a morning at the dance festival I got a surprise afternoon off Youth Theatre Rehearsals so grabbed food for the BBQ, drank Pimms, made fruit and coconut ice lollies and enjoyed the last day of Half Term in style!

I tried really hard to spend quality time with the boys, being present and more of a yes mum this week and I really noticed a difference in both of them and me. They both seemed so relaxed, they were very well behaved, we didn’t have to argue with them to do things.  Somehow they still seemed to get up at stupid o clock even after a busy day and late night the night before though.  This half term has made me super excited about what adventures we may have over the upcoming summer holidays.  I’m already starting to come up with some ideas – I’ll let you know about them all soon.

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