#LittleLoves (May 2018)

Hello Bank Holiday Weekend and Yey its time for May’s Little Loves.
It has seemed strange not writing one weekly, I’ve missed it, but I’ll get my head round it.
Thanks Morgana for keeping it going and I’ve been looking forward to writing about all the great things this month!Read

I finished Lagom and then jumped on the band wagon with Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.  I must admit I haven’t had a chance to get completely engrossed as yet due to doing lots of other bits and pieces but I can understand already why everyone has loved it.

I may have also treated myself to a little deal.  £6 each for a 6 month subscription of not one but two magazines I usually end up buying each month.

My favourite Article this month was actually from the previous June RED Magazine and was ‘Actually I can’ by Caroline Britton.  It just gave me three words to use when I feel like I’m beaten or that I don’t have the guts to do something.  I wrote a little about stepping out of my comfort zone after reading it.


I keep meaning to listen to some of the many podcasts I have waiting for me in my subscriptions but my brain doesn’t seem to justify them as a good use of time – which I know is simply ridiculous.  I want to find more time to listen to the great business ones I love, to learn, to delve deeper into how to build my school but I end up doing all the everyday admin rather than finding the time to dig deep.

I have been choreographing a lot of new Festival Dances and have also started making plans for our summer school so there is plenty of musical theatre songs going around my head.  A fave of mine that we wanted to do last year but couldn’t find a track for was You Will Be Found from Dear Evan Hansen.


TV Programme wise its been about finishing Once Upon A Time Season 7 ( I didn’t want it to end-I cried).  Also Marvel Agents of Shield (a little guilty pleasure of mine) and evenings with the hubby watching Gotham Season 4 (something we both absolutely love).

We have also been watching LB’s Plantalicious seeds grow. Greek Basil and Carrots are going crazy now and 1 of the tomatoes however we don’t seem to be doing too well with Nasturtium. One of the things on his Bucket List for 2018 was to plant a seed and watch it grow so here we are.


I have also been watching P gain more and more confidence and become a stroppy little explorer who does not like to share. We enjoyed looking for the Bluebells in the woods at Hughenden, standing on top of the world at Coombe Hill  and seeing him giggle as he threw himself down speedy slides at the park across the road.



This month has been full of BBQs and salads – burgers, kebabs, prawns, pork belly, greek salad, cous cous and coleslaw galore.   I did make a new pasta bake with chicken, bacon and a ton of vegetables which we loved too though. All about the easy dinners right now.



It’s been all about the dresses and sandals this month and that says something for me as I really don’t get my legs out very often! I brought this dress from Matalan for my birthday at the beginning of April and it’s taken a long time to get the guts to wear it. I’ve had nothing but compliments though thank goodness.


i also got the boys little rain coats in matalan too. LBs is just plain but I’m in loves with Ps little dinosaur one.

And Lastly

The weather has finally picked up a bit and we got the chance to spend some time out in the garden. I absolutely love watching the relationship and silliness between this man and his boys he’s even starting to like the crazy little one a bit more now he can communicate a bit better and is a bit of a natural at football.


This month has seen me on a friend’s hen do at the start and by the end saying goodbye to a friend at his funeral. My emotions have been all over the place! It has been a month of perspective – I’ve remembered how important people are to me – what I love –
what I want to be doing and what I don’t!


‘The most Important things in life are Family, Friends and Music’ – Cheers Rob!



4 thoughts on “#LittleLoves (May 2018)

  1. lifeasourlittlefamily says:

    Aww I love your roundup, that food looks so good. You’re making me hungry. That cocktail too and those bluebells. I missed going to the bluebell field this year. I hope you’ve had a great June x #littleloves


  2. Morgana (@coffeeworksleep) says:

    Love love love your May round up Gemma! It’s jam packed with goodness!
    That top is gorgeous on you, it’s no surprise you that you received so many compliments.
    I’m so sad that Once Upon A Time has come to an end. I need to start watching it again with my girls.
    Hope June is being kind to you so far xx


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