The Siblings Project (May 2018)

Another Month has gone and the boys are another month older!
LB is now 5 years and 3 months old and P is 19 months.
I feel like this month their relationship has started to change a little and I think this is because of some noticeable differences in P.  Why do they grow up so fast?

Our boys are so very different yet both equally as crazy!
LB has always been our cautious one, the more sensitive soul and one who craves our attention – to play with him, watch him, entertain him.  He is easily bored and struggles to try new things as he wants to be amazing first go.  P however throws himself in head first (the face full of cuts and bruises this week prove that), he is boisterous and has been known to bite and play rough.  He loves to chase and tickle and falls over himself laughing.

My husband says they are like chalk and cheese or like Julian and Vinnie (Clary and Jones) quite well shown in the below photo.

This last month has seen more games of rough and tumble ending generally in LB getting hurt and some tears and moaning that his brother is too rough.  We are now teaching P to say Sorry and although the language isn’t quite there yet, he does give Sorry hugs and strokes wherever he may have hurt.

We can definitely say that one is more like me and the other more like my hubby can you guess which?  I’ll give you a hint – B was known by name in A&E as a child!

P looks up to LB so much and wants to copy everything he does, be that read a book, kick a football, draw a picture or play in his bedroom.  LB does very well at allowing him to do this but does get rather cross when he nearly ruins/breaks something he is doing or has made before or doesn’t play by the rules (LB is a stickler for rules unless it comes to him and then he’ll happily make up new ones).  Its hard for him to understand that P is still really young and doesn’t quite understand.  LB had a playdate with a friend from school the other day and they were so lovely including P in a lot of their play-it was wonderful to watch.

They have both started going off together to do stuff when we are at home giving us parents little pockets of time to get jobs done or simply chill out.  It is making everyday life a little easier than having them both round our feet constantly.  I cant wait to see how their relationship grows but have started to wonder if they’ll like different things. LB is quite protective over P and always says he’ll look after him but then again when you say ‘watch him for a second’ he shirks that responsibility and allows his brother to fall backwards off the slide or climb to the top of the loft ladder.

One of their favourite places apart from LB’s bedroom is lying on our bed.  Well I say lying but generally its jumping, throwing themselves about, tickling each other and giggling.  We have just started doing stories together on our bed (before we just read to LB and we did that in his room before he went to sleep).  Now after the bath the boys get changed and while P is drinking his milk we lay on our bed (or in it) and read stories together.  LB likes me to leave a little bit for him to read/ remember the last few words of a sentence).  Once P finishes his milk he turns back into a mini terrorist and starts attacking us all so its then off to bed for him before LB gets a little bit of extra time to play, read or sit with us.

These two are ever changing and growing and their relationship is too.  It’s so beautiful to watch and I’m loving it right now, but know very soon it’ll all change again!


4 thoughts on “The Siblings Project (May 2018)

  1. Nip it in the bud says:

    There’s such a special bond between brothers, so lovely to see it growing. From baby to a boy in a blink isn’t it! Our boys are similar to yours, a kind, gentle, cerebral big brother with a cheeky, “just do it” boisterous little brother.


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