In Search of the Bluebells

This morning we headed out with some friends as we usually do on a Friday Morning to see if we could spot some bluebells.  We knew we had some local areas which are usually inundated but for some reason we always seem to miss them.  Now they might be coming to the end of their season but we finally found some in the woods at Hughenden Manor and had a wonderful time walking amongst them and trying to tell the kids it wasn’t a good idea to pick them (nor eat them in P’s case).

Although a little chilly in the sun it felt perfect although LJ did have to keep reminding me that ‘It is only Spring’ when I’m obviously expecting El Scorchio weather all year round. Anyone else find the weather really effects their mood?  For me it eases anxiety, makes me feel more energetic, motivated and inspired and I’m sure simply a better person.  I’m starting to wonder if England is really the country for me!

After a long walk in the woods enjoying the bluebells, the views over the fields
and does anyone else love sunlight spilling through the trees-wow!  we headed up to the walled garden, the kids love to potter about in it and us adults have said we could sit on one of the benches all day. Today the kids headed off with their wheelbarrows to collect sticks and stones while watching the volunteers water the plants.  It took P a while to really grasp the hang of pushing the wheelbarrow and face planted a few too many times-soil apparently doesn’t taste too great!

While we chatted about our blogs, what to have for lunch, our little ones heading to preschool next year and generally put the world to rights as we do most weeks, the boys got some fresh air, smelled the flowers, threw stones, had their own little conversations and argued a little over not wanting to share.

Overall an absolutely gorgeous morning with some of my favourite people to hang out with.  It really makes a difference in life when you’ve got good friends who you know want to spend time with you, you could chat all day and always have your best interests at heart.

P.S The super cute dinosaur jacket is from Matalan and I’m in Love!

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