Me and Mine (April 2018)

April where did you go?
It seems with a flurry of Birthdays, a tease of summer, our first date anniversary (12 years ago), a funeral, a long Easter Holidays packed with days out and way too many in, flu, stomach bugs and colds, the start of swimming lessons for LB,
Theatre Performances with my dance school, Show rehearsals for our Youth Group,
the start of a big house declutter, and family time! Phew!!!!
Its been good, bad and ugly with a splash of amazing-isnt that whats life’s all about?

Mummy is Loving

  • That P has started to become more independent.  Its a bit bitter sweet but means he’s understanding more and isn’t clinging to me constantly
  • Treating myself with some birthday money rather than letting it disappear on bills
  • The fact that the sun showed it’s beautiful face (even though it was a little short lived)
  • Starting to make plans for the next few months and getting some ideas for days out in the summer hols
  • Reading a book before bed and switching off properly

Daddy is loving

  • A more organised house (we had a bit of a spring clean)
  • Completing a bathroom he’s been working on
  • Feeling better after two weeks of the flu
  • Starting the Panini World Cup Sticker Book with LB
  • Making his way up the leaderboard on his Fantasy Football League

LB is loving

  • The fact that he’ll be getting a bunk bed soon
  • Going to friends birthday parties nearly every weekend
  • Starting Swimming lessons and getting goggles
  • Reading some new books we were given by friends
  • Being able to wear his new shorts (photo below-ha)

P is loving

  • Going to playgroups and seeing friends
  • Bubbles
  • Being outdoors-he loves exploring in the garden
  • Wearing a sun hat just like his big brother
  • Standing on our bed and purposefully falling over, climbing all over his brother and being tickled.


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