Sandals, Cinema and feeling Strong #LittleLoves

Hello, Hi, How ya doing??
I’ve been a bit MIA with blogging recently-i can’t really explain why, theres just been so much going on I seem to have lost my mojo a bit! Its been 4 weeks since I wrote my last Little Loves post and so much has happened since then.
I’ve had a birthday, LB has started swimming lessons, I met some Instagram Friends for lunch and Cocktails and of course all the the Easter Holiday fun! Anyway Thank You for taking the time to read my post-it could be a long one as I thought I’d remind myself of all the good stuff thats been happening amongst the sickness bugs, deaths ad funerals, rubbish medical news, flu and the copious glasses of gin I’ve consumed. Yes its been one hell of a month!



I have recently finished the 4 Pillar Plan which was great for realising some things I need to do to help me feel better in myself (though I actually need to start implementing them) and I have since started Lagom. I seem to be into self development books recently as I feel like I need to make some changes.  However I seem to have a slight fear of actually taking action which is a little crazy. I seem to be struggling to bring myself to read any fiction books like i usually love, it feels like too much commitment.
Anyone else ever feel like that?img_7193


I’ve been listening to some podcasts recently as I used to love them on the long preschool walk.  Though I am not finding the time to sit and actually (just) listen and i tend do it a lot while doing something else (I am the queen of multi tasking and I am trying harder to focus my attention-not sure how well thats going yet)!
Fearne Cottons Happy Place and Transform My Dance Studio are currently at the top of my list (if you didn’t know I own a dance studio that I am trying to build up).
I’ve also been playing The greatest Showman Soundtrack to death!

During the Easter Holidays we took both my Dance School and our Youth Theatre to perform at a large local theatre to perform our Musical Theatre and Contemporary pieces for a festival.  It was such a lovely few days and we had some really lovely feedback and a real giggle, teenagers are nuts! img_6523


We finally got to see Peter Rabbit over the Easter hols which was great (still not the Greatest Showman though).  It was LB’s first time at the cinema and he was so excited.  We went full out with the popcorn and sweets and its definitely something I’d like to do with him again.  Just what to watch next?
This week has been about catching up with the new series of Marvel Agents of Shield, Once Upon A Time and Gotham.



I always think I’ve been a bit rubbish with cooking until i look back over the weeks snapshots.  This is just a snippet of what we’ve been eating the past few weeks. Below there is a Chicken pasta bake, Lentil salad, homemade beef and chorizo burger, seafood salad and meatball carbonara.  I have also been loving Quinoa with sea bass, a gammon, potato and cheese soup and massaman curry,


 A few more layers than last week unfortunately! Come back sun!!!
With some birthday money I got myself a few treats including the sandals and denim dress below.  I am not a dress person but this one has pockets and wow thats a game changer (sorry I haven’t actually taken a full length picture of it). I’m not keen on getting my legs out but seriously they need some colour so I pushed myself out of the comfort zone, though  i really must paint the toe nails before the sun comes out to play again.


For my birthday a great friend brought me this beautiful LillyBelle bracelet as a reminder to me that I am stronger than I feel and can do more than I realise. It was such a beautiful sentiment and I was so grateful, this is now a staple everyday wear.img_6627

I also got new glasses after about 6 years and its so lovely to have some that I feel really comfortable in.  I also got some prescription sunglasses (nothing like buy one get one free) which means I can now drive with them on – yippee no more sun blazing in my face when driving.img_6282

And lastly

This gorgeous pair have been a little testing recently -maybe its because there’s been so much going on and I’ve been out of sorts, they’ve also spent a lot of time ill but when i see moments like this I know I’ve done a good job even when i don’t feel it. P looks up to his big brother so much and copies everything and LB is so loving and protective (most of the time).


Thank You for Reading x


2 thoughts on “Sandals, Cinema and feeling Strong #LittleLoves

  1. mumreinvented says:

    Aww your two holding hands – so cute! I love your foodie posts, I always end up making something you’ve made. Love those sandals, perfect for summer – when it decides to reappear! Have a great weekend x


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