Beautiful Sunrises, Kitchen Repaint & Smooth FM #LittleLoves

Oh man this week!!! It’s been bad news, followed by worse news, with some minor & major inconveniences thrown in, ending with being projectile vomited on – so this weeks LittleLoves I have dug seriously deep for!! But it’s on weeks like this that a blog post like this does wonders for you and so here I am looking at all the little things that have kept me going this week! Read

Here’s my current book, but if I’m honest my heads been a bit full this week to read more than a couple of pages before crashing each night! So far so good though!


Apart from some bad news and constant coughing from both boys, I’ve been enjoying listening to the radio each morning – Smooth has been keeping me going on some old classics! Yep feeling old!


B as he decorated our kitchen over the weekend!
I was in charge of keeping the kids out of the way during the day and then tea making and cheerleading in the evening. It still needs all the woodwork and ceiling painted white and a little extra of the blue above some cupboards and then it’ll be all down to the finishing touches, but it’s such a good start!

Heres a Before and After!


I’ve been throwing stuff together this week and this was one of my fave lunches. It was like a little picnic mash up! Crumpets, chorizo, halloumi, avocado and pepper-yummy!


The sun shone for one day and of course that meant I instantly lost my sunglasses to the kids! Luckily I went to the opticians this week and got a free pair of prescription sunglasses with my new glasses I’m picking up next week! Haven’t had new glasses in years so I’m quite excited!

And Lastly

I took these photos yesterday morning. LB had slept in our bed since about 4am and when P woke up they laid and had cuddles with us. The view out of our bedroom window was just beautiful! It made me feel so grateful, happy and relaxed despite everything going on!

So here we are at the 4 day Easter Weekend and unfortunately Daddy is working at least 1 of the days and dealing with family stuff on another. I have a girlie lunch with bubbles booked on Saturday which I cannot wait for and an Easter Egg Hunt on Monday but in between that fun I think we will be hibernating with our chocolate eggs as both boys are not feeling 100% (I ended up with an emergency doctors appt and being projectile vomited on last night) and I am simply exhausted! I hope you have a fabulous weekend whether you are out an about or hibernating like us.



6 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunrises, Kitchen Repaint & Smooth FM #LittleLoves

  1. Mummy's Monkey says:

    Hope next week is better for you. Kitchen is looking good and that lunch is being added to my meal plan for next week! #littleloves


  2. mumreinvented says:

    Sounds like an utterly crap week! Hope things have started to pick up a bit. Love those photos, what a gorgeous view out of your window. I completely forgot about that book, definitely adding it to my list. x


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