Sunrises, Miss Potter & More Snow #Littleloves

Hello Spring-it’s Finally here!! I’m hoping I haven’t missed it (as I heard there was more snow forecast for Easter Weekend-Grrrrrrr!) as I am so looking forward to all that it may bring. I wrote a blog post this week about the things we are hoping to do this Spring especially with the Easter Holidays starting next week! This week has been a real mix. Not just the wide variety of weather from snow at the weekend, to blue skies, sunshine and bitter cold winds, but in life in general. P has decided that 5am (and screaming like he’s possessed) is the best way to wake up the Tanswell household-the rest of us are not in agreement. The boys tend to sleep through the first hour or so (somehow) but I’m not so lucky and have felt exhausted this week. However I’ve mixed it up and been to our local children’s centre, into town for a mooch around, to a different park to the one across the road, to have coffee and cake with a friend, to see my nan and also got on with work (paperwork, teachings and ballet exams). I think I’ll be asleep at 7pm tonight, it’s all just knocked it out of me (and P too it seems).


I finished The Creakers this week (I really enjoyed it and thought it had a lovely story, although I agree with LB in the fact that it might be a little scary for a 5yr olds bedtime story). We also got Tom Fletchers ‘Brain Freeze’ with our World Book Day Voucher, so we are looking forward to that. I was planning on starting Big Little Lies but ended up freezing a little and worrying I wouldn’t get into it or it would be a hard read-I just find starting a new book quite hard. So have ended up starting Russell Brands ‘Recovery’ – I’m only a couple of chapters in but I’m enjoying it so far. I brought it for B for Christmas but he reads more in the summer for some reason so he hasn’t got around to it yet!


I have been listening non stop to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. I know completely late to the party and I haven’t watched it yet but my fave song is ‘From Now On’!
I just love a bit of emotion and a damn good dance break!


Me and B kept saying we’d squeeze in a few more Designated Survivor episodes but things kept getting in the way and I started another episode of Once Upon A Time season 7 before getting distracted with work and turning it off.

My highlight this week was a recommendation from KA over at LAOLF – the film Miss Potter. After watching Peter Rabbit (we are going in the Easter hols) she said she felt like she wanted to watch it and did so twice over the weekend I completely understand why, it was beautiful and I may have shed a little tear (or 3).


Well I failed (or so I thought) at a sausage and pea risotto by accidentally pouring pearl barley in instead of risotto rice-yes I am that tired! However i managed to save it-Who knew Pearl Barley was a great (yet rather filling) addition to a risotto?

This week we’ve had some regulars-shepherds pie, pizza, spaghetti and meatballs and our special weekend meal which this week was Peri Peri Pork Belly and for dessert a berry Eton Mess -yummy. I also made my own granola this week-this was the first time and i think maybe a little burnt but not bad.


Still wrapped up warm-boo! Oh I am so looking forward to changing up my wardrobe and throwing in some new bits and pieces (it’s my birthday in a few weeks I deserve a treat yes?)

P got a new pair of shoes as his feet have grown again. They are a little big ( could only get a 5 and he’s a 4.5) but hopefully he’s now sorted for the Spring /Summer. Cute little canvas trainers from Next.

And Lastly

The only bonus of being woken up so early….. Witnessing the sunrise – yes through the Christmas Lights. I couldn’t take them down I love a good fairy light!

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