Hello Spring!!

So Today is the Start of Spring 2018 – the 20th March
and here I am looking out the window at the last bits of snow melting. I mean come on Weather we are all so ready for some sunshine and warmth to lift our spirits. 

Anyone else feel like Winter has been here forever? I am so ready to dust off the sunglasses, flip flops and maxi skirts now please.  I would love some blue skies and some afternoons at the park without 1000 layers of clothing and a ton of mud!


I have been looking back over some photos of last Spring to feel that warm glow of a blue sky, happy kids playing outdoors and pretty blooms. On My birthday last year (6th April) we were sat down the river having a picnic so I have high hopes for this year.


My boys are definitely outdoorsy!
Absolutely useless at entertaining themselves indoors (no matter how hard I try and how many toys they have) unless it involves electronics and they are always BORED!!
However you get them outside and they’ll kick balls, make racetracks, dig in the mud and at the Park they are in their element and yes I mean the almost 18month old too.


I’ve been thinking up some ideas for us for the Spring Time and especially the upcoming Easter Holidays.  Now we’ve never really ‘celebrated Easter’ with a big Family Meal or anything but I have loved seeing all the Easter decorations in the shops and thought it would be a lovely idea to get everyone round to really enjoy some Family time!
We usually do big BBQs in the Summer and love the atmosphere.


So Far we already have plans for the kids to spend some time with Grandparents while I chaperone my students at a show for two days.  They love a day with Nanny’s and Grandads/Grampys and I love the relationships I see growing there.

I have a lunch date with friends with what looks like a beautiful menu and you cant go wrong with bottomless bubbles.  Its also my birthday-not that I have any plans as yet! Any ideas?img_1195

However me and LB have started to think  of some ideas for us to keep us all entertained

  • Easter Egg Hunt at Friends
  • National Trust Property Visit – Hughenden, Cliveden or Waddesdon are our regulars
  • Plant LB’s seeds he got for his birthday
  • Make the solar system he got for his Birthday tfor
  • LB is doing an intensive swimming course on the second week
  • Fingers Crossed to some park days at picnics
  • A bit of a Spring Clean – I have been gradually decluttering but with us being a notorious Family of Hoarders (Ok Just Me) this is an ongoing thing that I hope LB can help me entertain his brother while I crack on
  • Start getting the garden Spring/Summer ready – mow the lawn, plant seeds, hanging baskets and generally spruce it up for hopefully a lovely summer spent out there
  • We might even have to have another go at our epic Easter cake we did last year
    (the recipe was courtesy of Lets Talk Mommy.)


So Whats Everyone else got planned when the sun comes out to play?


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