P!nk, The Creakers and Homemade Soup #LittleLoves

Hey Friday and what a miserable week weather wise-
come on Spring I am ready for you!
I don’t know about you but I’m aching for some clear blue skies, a few less layers to put on, more time spent outdoors and some longer lighter evenings.
Well next week it becomes officially SPRING and I am dreaming of whats to come.
The last few weeks (i didnt write a post last week)  has been about plodding through the to do list, trying to get the house tidy and I say trying, as every time I put something away it gets thrown around 5 seconds later by the little monkey that is P.
I’ve been to a Funeral, a charity event, taught classes, finished my book and started a new one, cooked A LOT, been to a NT property, slumped on my sofa, …….



I have finished Fearne Cottons Calm and am now onto my 4th book of the year (yep still feeling pretty proud of myself for being ahead of my 1 book a month target).  I am now reading Tom Fletchers – The Creakers.  Yes Its aimed at kids and yes I brought it for LB’s birthday after loving the Christmasaurus, but for some reason he is not keen.  So I thought I’d read it first and then when he’s ready we can read together.

Blog wise I loved Anna’s post Too Many Tabs over on Blossoming Birds.  It completely hit home and I know I have a tendency to keep going without closing down these tabs until I crash.  I am currently trying to spend a bit more time on recharging-some days its easier than others but it certainly helps keep the cup filled.

I also enjoyed Emma at Mamalina’s post on Practising Yoga As a Mum I have been meaning to do more yoga for a while and I keep picking it up and putting it down as it were, but my main little motivator is LB.  He loves to do it next to me and have a little chat (or moan) while he’s in a pose. I will certainly be checking out some of her online recommendations and at some point i might find the guts to do some with P around.


I have been trying to play a little bit more music the last few weeks. I have really enjoyed making a conscious effort to turn it on.  Ive been loving The Greatest Showman SoundTrack, P!nk, Conor Maynard and The Carpenters among many.


To be honest I cant really put much here apart from the Kids programmes and a little watch of Trolls one morning with P.  In the evenings I’ve been getting dragged into Social Media and reading.


It’s been a real selection of meal making the last few weeks.  We’ve been trying to use up things we have in the cupboards/fridge/freezer and have enjoyed pea and broad bean soup and homemade pizza as well as a few different choices of Tacos (which the boys love making)  and Lamb Hotpot.

I must admit to being ready for some lighter meals now and a BBQ or 3.


Still wrapping up warm with layer upon layer for this chilly weather.  I am still in jeans jumper and boots at the minute and am desperate to mix it up!


AND LASTLYimg_5397With International Womens Day being last week I posted this on the Instagram Page of my Dance School.  I want it to inspire all those young girls who think they aren’t good enough and it definitely hit a chord with me.  Becoming a mum kind of knocks it out of you and eveything you do is for your children, forgetting a little abut yourself.  I often wonder Who am I? and What do I wanna Do? and I tend to shut myself down a lot but this made me smile and made me think outside the box a little bit.


Hope you all have a fabulous week and enjuy the start of Spring I hope it beings some sunshine for us all x


4 thoughts on “P!nk, The Creakers and Homemade Soup #LittleLoves

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It’s made a real difference to me! Though I do have hat period between books where I find it hard to start the next but trying not to let that go longer Han a day or two so as not to slip back into bad habits. Apart from zero sleep it’s been a great week thanks x


  1. lifeasourlittlefamily says:

    We picked up the creakers for George too but he said it scared it, I think we are leaving it alone. Maybe one for me also! I do hope Spring arrives quickly, this snow is driving me a crazy. Have a good week x #littleloves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Yeah I’m now part way through and although enjoying it myself definitely a little freaky for a 5 year old and glad he made that choice. Tell me about it I am so ready for a spring now (I say as I’m sat here looking out at the snow!). Have a good week x


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