Designated Survivor, Snow & Living in the Moment #LittleLoves

Hello Friday and our second Snow Day this week!!
I am sat looking out the window watching the snow fall feeling very grateful that I have a roof over my head (there may not be much food in the fridge, the kids may be bickering and moaning of boredom and I may be slightly loosing the will to live but I am grateful!

Last Weekend it felt like Spring, we headed out to a Birthday Party at a Soft Play for Beau and P had a whale of a time too. The Sun was shining and I honestly thought we were heading for warmer climates.  How Wrong was I?


I am still making my way through Calm and still loving the fact that I can pick it up and put it down and hopefully it’s helping make me realise I need to feel less guilty about trying to chill some times. Loving that Jenny at Lets Talk Mommy is trying a 10 minute doing nothing every day (and finding it as hard as I would be). Certainly sounds like a fab yet near impossible task that if I could master would be hugely beneficial. Even when I sit down I’m flicking through my phone, checking emails, designing social media content for my business or just generally thinking about what I should be doing rather than just being in the moment and using it to recoup.


If I go by The last few days I could say moaning but that’s not much fun!

However if I’m honest I really have nothing much to put here. I must play more music this week-it was a New Years Goal that I’m failing miserably at! I have also downloaded my podcast app again, as I was loving podcasts last year but haven’t listened to one in ages, they were keeping me motivated and inspired maybe thats why I’ve been feeling a bit bleurgh!?


We’ve been enjoying Designated Survivor on Netflix. We’ve had a few evenings of binge watching and a few where we’ve just been too exhausted to concentrate. Instead I’ve been addicted to a puzzle game on my phone-yes hours of my life have disappeared.


B made escalopes from Jamie’s Comfort Food book (yes more Jamie Oliver) and it was unbelievable. The flavours throughout the salsa, apple salad and potato salad were just beautiful and although we’ve had it before I had forgotten how yummy it is.
Already looking forward to having it again.

The picture below says it all for my attempt this week – hahahaha!!!


Well apart from wrapping up very warm it should have been World Book Day yesterday (well i mean it was but we didn’t get to fully enjoy it) and LB was dressed up as Captain Cuttlefish from ‘A Pirate Pool’. We got to school after receiving a message to say school is open to be sent straight home again!

And lastly

Last week it was mini eggs and this week it’s a creme egg, do you think I’m wishing for Easter and some warmer weather? Excuse my awful nails, i really should stop biting them.  Anyone else manage to keep nice nails as long as they are painted but as soon as i slack on that they are back to being a disgrace.

I have just changed the quote on my letter board.
I find that I have an idea in my head of how everything ‘should’ be from my ability to parent, my messy house, my business and everything in between. I’m trying to be in the moment more and take things for what they are, rather than constantly wishing they were something else. This is certainly a Work in Progress.


6 thoughts on “Designated Survivor, Snow & Living in the Moment #LittleLoves

  1. Jess Soothill says:

    SO much snow! It really has been a strange weather week hasn’t it? I am glad to see it all gone now though ha ha I am really ready for spring. Great world book day costume 🙂 Jess x


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