Calm, Pretty Coffees and 2 weeks worth of #LittleLoves

I Finally got this post written (whoop whoop) – I completely forgot to post my Little Loves last week and it made me a little sad, now I can do a little happy dance!
Half Term took over and then this week has been a blur of illness (we seem to have all had some kind of cold/flu virus thing). Our Half term was last week and filled to the brim with seeing friends and family and a dance festival with all my students which was all week sunday-saturday.  We had a lovely time but i admit i could have done with a slightly more restful one to try and fight off the lurgy which still wont leave me alone.  I am certainly ready for some spring sunshine- i need my vitamin D.  Even though I have felt a little Bleurgh – ok a lot – there is still plenty to look back on and smile about.

Happy Weekend Everyone! 


I am doing shockingly well at my read a book a month so far and am actually really proud of myself.  I have now finished ‘Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life’ which was book 2/12 and am now a third of the way through Fearne Cottons ‘Calm’. Although I still fall asleep every time i pick it up in the evening i am trying to carve little moments throughout the day/evening to delve in.

I have also recently found the the Mamalina Blog written by Emma Ross and I am loving her go with the flow attitude.  Her Instagram is beautiful and if only my kids would play alone for even a minute I could imagine enjoying my life in just this way. I have really enjoyed exploring her blog the last few days.



While filling out my Happy Journal one of the questions recently was what are the love songs that make you happy and play them all day (guessing it must have been for Valentines Day and it took me back to all the songs we chose for our wedding.   This one was the song that I walked down the aisle to, after hearing it at a friends wedding as their first dance.  I had never heard it before but fell in love.


Completely a kids thing and i have no idea why I have been dragged into it but on Netflix there is a How To Train A Dragon Series.  I put it on the other day and am pretty sure I was enjoying it more than the kids.  The funny thing is I mentioned it to B and he said Oh My God I watched like 5 episodes in a row the other day.  Apparently I am not Alone.


Ok I can’t take credit for either of these but considering my meals over the last few weeks have been pretty standard I’ve gone with photographing the hubby’s creations.

Liver and Bacon on Sourbread (now for someone who generally dislikes the hubby’s fave meal, I said I would try this version and actually loved it) Thanks Jamie Oliver!

The Mothership Pork Roast from Jamie’s Comfort Food Book!
Seriously Jamie Oliver is a hero in this house! 


We spent a lot of time in Half term wrapped up warm and exploring, whether it was at the park, in the woods or at the farm with Nanny, Grampy and Auntie L.

And Lastly

Mini Eggs are out and yes after a rather eventful school run with a stroppy 5 year old i ate a whole bag (question……. why are the bags so small now?)

While at the dance festival last week we found a lovely little cafe for lunch and wow their coffee and food (I had a spicy sweet potato and coconut soup) were delicious and the sun shone which meant we sat outside. Wonderful!

Although my boys love to get outdoors they also love PJ days where we just cuddle up watch films, play games and chill.  However they can only tolerate each other for so long in a confined space.  Haha-that probably includes me too! 

Since Christmas I have been working hard with my dancers on choreography for one of our annual dance festivals.  Half Term was taken up by it and I was so proud of all of them.  The competition was tough and sometimes the adjudicator did not see what we did, but thats life! As a mum and as a teacher you just want your kids to be happy and I love that dance does that for so many.

(I am really gutted i didn’t save this photo on my instastory before writing over it-absolutely love being in the wings, its definitely one of my happy places)


12 thoughts on “Calm, Pretty Coffees and 2 weeks worth of #LittleLoves

  1. Morgana (@coffeeworksleep) says:

    I love it when I find a kids programme that I can watch with the kids that we all love, haha! We watched Adventure Time and Gumball last night, they are so funny and ones to watch out for when your boys are older.
    Mini Eggs!! I miss them most of all since being aware of my dairy intolerance. I might just have to try a few and see how I go.. haha xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It’s such a bonus and so nice to take yourself back and have some easy watching. Yes I will have to keep an eye out. I sarent do an intolerance test I know I’d hate the results there’s so many things I don’t think I could live without x


  2. mumreinvented says:

    Hope you’re all feeling better this week. I hate those bugs that just never seem to go. I’ve been meaning to read Parenting the sh*t out of life, is it any good? God I love mini eggs, am desperately trying to avoid them for another few weeks though. Have a great week x


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