Risotto, PJ’s and our Crazy Boys #LittleLoves

Hello Everyone and here’s my weekly round up of everything I’ve been Loving (though  a tad late-i really would be no good with deadlines).  I do love this Linky and how it makes me feel.  Those weeks where everyones been ill or it feels like a disaster for whatever reason and you sit down to write this post, feeling like you may have nothing to give, yet getting to the end and thinking Wow things are pretty damn good right now! img_4322

I have these crazy loons to keep me on my toes daily.
Yes they can be frustrating daily and with P’s new party trick of climbing onto the kitchen table I may have a heart attack before I’m 35, but it is also a bundle of laughs. With Half Term upon us now, I have been trying to work out how to get the work life balance right and make some memories with my boys. I have a dance festival all week with my students and it’s hard as I feel like I’m letting them down when I’m not there to support them, but also feel like I’ve let my kids down by not being there for them. I know this is a struggle for many a working mum especially in the school holidays.
Anyway Happy Friday (Ok Sunday) Everyone-have a good one!


Still making my way through Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life (I wish I had the chance to read more or more like it didn’t fall asleep as soon as I’ve read about 3 pages of a book but we’ve all been poorly this week and I’ve just been exhausted). I’m definitely enjoying reading more though.
Blog wise I have enjoyed Katie’s Conservatory Extension Post, 
I love her interior style and have loved watching her style her old and new house on Instagram and her blog.  I also love her obsession with plants but honest chat about not really knowing what she’s doing with them.  I swear they would all be dead in my house though I think having so much green in the house is beautiful.


It’s been all about the dance festival songs as we’ve been manically rehearsing for the start of the competition today. We have also been talking about ideas for the next one – yikes nothing like thinking ahead and of course The Greatest Showman had to feature-though I still haven’t seen it-sob!


We spent a lot of time at home this week as we were feeling a little worse for wear and had filled our week last week and knew that Half Term would be busy.  So we have watched Peter Rabbit and Puppy Dog Pals until my head might explode-enjoying some cake of course as well as watch P develop some new party tricks.  You know ones like climbing up on to the kitchen table repeatedly, finding the word NO hugely hysterical and more of an invitation to do something more and refusing to eat anything except fruit, but rather catapult it across the room. Also loving Silent Witness-we save the two episodes and watch them back to back and as always its something that both me and B are enjoying.



If you read my Little Loves regularly you know I usually fill this section with food we have rustled up this week and apart from our regular homemade pizza – LB’s favourite meal I have done a few newbies.  Prawn and Pea risotto and a Chicken Stew which had a bit of a mexican feel to it. We are struggling with the kids refusal to eat anything that looks like it might contain a vegetable or looks like there might be something weird hidden in it. Basically if its not pizza or a variation of spag bol eg spaghetti and meatballs or lasagne its just met with an ‘I don’t like that’ or in P’s case it;s launched across the room.  I used to love dinnertimes but they are getting a little hard recently.



There’s been a lot of PJ based mornings here until we have really had to rush to school.  In fact LB even had a PJ day at school to raise awareness for Internet Safety Day and raise some money for new equipment, which he thought was amazing-I’m pretty sure the teachers did too.  The sun has been shining and I have been tempted by some summer shoes and kinda bare ankles this week but I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet, its damn freezing still.


I was sent this photo while at work on Tuesday and it cracked me up.  B was like ‘I was minding my own business in the kitchen, when in zooms P on his horse, with the Mr Potato Head bucket on his head. He waved at me, turned the horse around and left’.  Nutter! 46dfdf7b-5742-44df-9590-10dae53b0dd1

And Lastly

Last Friday myself and a friend ventured out to feed the ducks with our little ones.  We try to meet up once a week for our own sanity as well as the kids enjoying playing together.  she is the person that drags me out of the comfort of my home for some well needed fresh air.  The sky was beautiful but don’t be deceived it was freezing, but I love the beauty of this place and loved snapping some photos.  I’m always grateful for that time outdoors and that good chinwag putting the world to rights.



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