The Me and Mine Project (January 18)

As always a few days late as trying to get this lot to sit still, smile and not pull a crazy face is hard (and I am particularly talking about the husband)! I end up filtering them up to the eyeballs to make us all look a little more human!
Disastrous in places, but I promised myself no matter how bad, I was going to get my #meandmine project post done every month even if a little bit late!
I love the idea of seeing how we all change month by month and I missed a few in 2017.

January always feels like a mammoth month, with approx 456 days in it! It’s part exciting – a brand new year, new goals, a new lease of motivation, which can sometimes only last a few days/weeks until you are sad that the joy of Christmas is over, your goals aren’t going so smoothly, the dark mornings and night become a little depressing and your constantly cold! Anyway this post is great for looking at what we have all been loving throughout the month.


Mummy is loving

  • Choreographing lots of new dances for festivals-creative juices flowing
  • Filling out Fearne Cottons Happy Journal and spending a bit more time on ‘me’
  • Reading more (1.5 books down)
  • Blue clear skies even though it’s freezing
  • Meeting up with friends

Daddy is loving

  • Building Lego with LB
  • Watching Silent Witness
  • Playing a Golf Tournament on his phone
  • Following all the football to see if he’s earning more points to win his league against his friends
  • Sunday’s at home as his only day off work currently it’s nice to relax with family


LB is loving

  • Practising his writing
  • Celebrating his birthday
  • Playing with all his new toys
  • Having friends over to play
  • The New Puppy Dog Pals on Disney Channel

P is loving

  • Still Peter Rabbit obsessed
  • Drawing on the floors/walls well pretty much anywhere except paper
  • Mummy-separation anxiety has certainly hit and he’s glued to me
  • Digging in the mud
  • Helping empty the dishwasher

January has been a month of getting our heads back into gear, working our butts off, including many saturday’s where the kids have either gone to grandparents or come with me to work and of course a special little boys 5th Birthday.
Days out with friends, be that at National Trust Houses with cake and coffee involved, or at the park and feeding the ducks. Cosy Sundays hibernating, watching films, eating popcorn, playing with Christmas and Birthday toys and enjoying Roast dinners.
It’s been a tough month in terms of energy levels and motivation (mine – certainly not the kids) but its been cosy and comfortable and sometimes thats just what the doctor ordered.


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