Friends, Fresh Air and a Fifth Birthday Party #LittleLoves

Happy Friday Everyone! Wow what a week!
I was talking to a friend about how I’d felt I’d had a really unproductive one and she asked me what I’d been up to…..well when I listed it I had to laugh as seriously among all the normal day to day stuff I’ve done more than any other week so far this year.  Nearly 20 hours of teaching plus admin time, life admin phonecalls (yep you know I mean sorting bills and all that fun stuff), Shopping and organising for LB’s 5th Birthday Party as well as celebrating of course. Seeing a friend for a cuppa and a cousin for coffee, a day out to Cliveden with friends, visiting my nan, buying new school shoes as LB had put his big toe through the end and setting February’s Goals.

No wonder I’m feeling a little exhausted come Friday-luckily apart from 4 hours teaching on Saturday we have no plans. So we will probably be  pottering around the house, trying to find homes for the hundreds more toys LB has just received for his birthday and enjoying family time. What are your plans?


I am now half way through Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life and loving its down to earth quality.   I mean I might even get through it over the next week which will be put me well on track (well ahead of it) for my book a month in 2018.
Already wondering which one I’ll read next! Any suggestions?


So much excitement for my biggest boys 5th Birthday Celebrations. He started asking in September when his birthday was, as some of his new friends at school started turning 5. We explained that first there was Daddy and Ps Birthdays, Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas and then after New Year his Birthday would be here! Well he therefore assumed that New Years Day was his Birthday – so as you can imagine January has felt long!


Although he can be a little shy at times (he’s easily embarrassed), he seemed to like the attention of family and friends adorning him with amazing gifts! Surprise Surprise!


I’m not really sure this week really apart from Silent Witness, I am so pleased its’s back.  Me and Ben have a few series we want to watch but just don’t seem to get round to starting them.  I think its because we know as soon as we start we wont stop and we end up saying ‘just one more’ at midnight.


LB saw (on you tube) a handmade marble run (he has the plastic one and loves it) so enlisted Daddy to help him build one. It’s still got a way to go but it’s been painted, had the holes drilled in and the walls cut out now just to stick it all together.

B ended up at home early one day this week so we got to enjoy a lunch together while LB was at school and P napped.  This is a spicy lentil salad  (another Jamie’s 5 Ingredients Recipe) and soooooo tasty.  Always nice to enjoy something so much when you know its good for you too.

LB wanted a Superheroes/Avengers Birthday Party so along with an Avengers cake and balloons I found some masks which went down a hit.


And Lastly

Its been wonderful catching up with people this week but I think I definitely need some downtime to recoup now and catch up. I’m exhausted, though full to the brim of seeing my happy people, but my house is now an absolute tip, having not spent much time in it, this is a little confusing!!


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