Merlin, Chipolatas and finishing January’s book early #LittleLoves

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday I hope you’ve had a wonderful week!
I’m not really sure where it’s gone (do I ever) and I must admit to feeling a bit drained this week! Energy levels have certainly been at a low, could it be the weather?
I certainly felt better yesterday with a little bit of blue sky and sunshine.  I actually got a little excited for Spring and then reminded myself its probably a few more weeks off yet.

I’ve noticed recently how my photo stream has certainly been lacking my older boy now he’s at school and is full to the brim of my little cheeky chops!


Hopefully I can get some good ones of the Birthday Boy this weekend as my baby turns 5 years old on Sunday. I am not sure where that has gone and I plan on writing a few words about how i feel about it all when I feel i can get my thoughts out.  To be honest I’m just in shock that 5 years ago I was in Labour and playing a waiting game to meet this one and becoming a Mummy!

img_1387 Anyway get yourself comfy and have a read of what I’ve been loving this week.


I finished my first book of 2018 , the Bears Grylls Survival Guide For life! I really enjoyed it and will certainly read again (especially as my friend has said I can keep this copy as she has 2) and i have now started Parenting The Sh*t Out Of Life-I’ve already been laughing my head off! I made my self a goal of reading a book a month or at least 10 this year as I’ve been seriously slacking over the last few years, so it felt good to tick off January’s book early.



This week I have also finished Merlin (all 5 seasons in about 4 weeks) and I am seriously gutted! It was one I watched on and off when it was first on TV years ago so I’m glad I watched it all.  I always find starting a series hard but once I’ve been drawn in thats it! I have a few on my to watch list I just wonder what first?! I’m a bit gutted that Once Upon A Time Season 7 seems to have paused half way on Netflix and they haven’t released any more after episode 10 yet. Boo! It was supposed to be one a week.


As I’m choreographing new competition dances currently, there are a lot of songs going through my head on repeat. This being one I’m choreographing for a male/female senior duet.


I’ve been a bit slack with my cooking (was never going to keep up with last week) and have just been going for basics-spaghetti Bolognese, chilli and rice. However last night we repeated a recipe that me and B weren’t sure was going to be a huge success, but we had ended up loving from the Jamie’s 5 Ingredients book.
Chipolatas, red onion, apple, parsnips and honey. Bloody Delicious!



I’ve been living in my mother and mama selfish mother sweatshirts with jeans and boots this week. All about the Comfy! Have managed to put holes in my only jeans though, so had to pick up a cheap pair in Asda today to get me through.

And Lastly

This week we’ve taken this one down to one nap, in the attempt to get a good few hours sleeping in the afternoon rather than an hour in the morning and the refusal in the afternoon, which just means a seriously grumpy boy come dinner. Mama can’t cope!
The change in this routine obviously has thrown my work schedule etc a little out the window, so it’ll take a little while to get used to it but it does mean a longer opportunity in the afternoon (well sometimes).  We have spent some mornings at home, one at Hughenden Manor exploring the gardens and doing some bits and pieces in town too but you can see he’s missing that morning nap.  It is nice to spend some more time with him though, his personality is certainly progressing fast.
Wow parenting decisions are tough! Always wondering whether to do something and when you do it wondering if it was the right thing to do and whether you should back track.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!




10 thoughts on “Merlin, Chipolatas and finishing January’s book early #LittleLoves

  1. Morgana (@coffeeworksleep) says:

    I’m mad about Once Upon A Time dropping off the radar too. I do hate it when netflix just suddenly stops with a series and you’ve no idea why or when it will be back. It seemed like such a random place to pause it at too. Here’s hoping it’s back soon. xx


  2. mumreinvented says:

    That is one seriously cute baby photo! I have the same problem – my little one recently turned 6 and it just seems to have flown by! Those books both sound fab, Hope you have a good weekend x


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