Beef, Dodie and P’s first haircut #LittleLoves

Apologies on my late Little Loves for this/last week, I just didn’t seem to find the right words when I had the time and couldn’t find the time when I had the words. It was a long week (I think the second week back at it all always feels a bit like that) and I could have done without a weekend of work to follow it, but next weekend it’s LB’s 5th Birthday so we’ll get some family time then-which i cant wait for!
I mean how can that little tiny baby I was awaiting 5 years ago, now be this giant in 7-8 clothes with size 13 feet, in his first year at school with the attitude of a defiant teenager?


Anyway get yourself cosy and have a little read of what I’ve been loving this week!


I am still on track to finish my Bears Grylls book before the end of January (I want to read a book a month in 2018) even though I haven’t read a huge amount this week. Its quite an inspirational read and one thats been easy for me to pick up and put down. I’m already wondering which one to read in February (Big Little Lies or Parenting the Sh*t out of Life).


One of my students mentioned a singer I hadn’t heard of before, Dodie, for some choreography I was doing in my contemporary class last week and we had a listen and I loved her!  She’s got a beautiful voice and I love to find new artists.


Completely binge watching Merlin on Netflix at the minute, now only left with half of Season 5. I’ll be a little gutted when it’s all done actually.
I’ve also watched The Highway Rat on repeat along with Peter Rabbit  (i think i may have seen every episode-kind of looking forward to the film now) as they are one of the very few things that would keep a grumpy teething toddler happy!


I have been on it with my cooking this week!

We had Roast Beef Last Saturday and the joint of meat was so big we were able to get 4 meals and some sandwiches out of it.  I did a brisket stew with homemade Yorkshire puddings (Save With Jamie) , Korean stir fried rice and freshly baked flapjack (both in Jamie’s new 5 Ingredients book)




I’ve been trying to up my game a little after reading Katy’s Instagram Post where she explained how in 2018 she was trying to embrace style more.  She was looking damn gorgeous in this dress so with a little bit of a push I started putting on my heeled boots more, adding a little accessory here and there and trying to make myself feel a little more put together even when i didn’t feel it.  I have a long way to go but hey you’ve got to start somewhere.

And lastly

For 2018 I want to try and declutter (I think this may have been a resolution for 2017 and many years before that) however I am nothing but persistent. I get fed up of every room being a dumping ground and am trying to get rid, make space and find everything a proper home.  Once again this is inspired by Katy and her Decluttering Motherhood. With kids this is a huge task especially after Christmas and even more is about to come into my house at the weekend with LB’s birthday but i want to make our house more of an organised haven than somewhere my husband is sure his body will be found years after he’s passed away under all my crap!

P also had his first haircut! It was a long time coming and I am known to want to keep my boys hair long, however P’s was beginning to look like a mullet with it only really growing down the back not the front at all.  It just seems to have changed his whole face shape and look though and its scary how grown up he looks at 15 months.
As I think most mothers do I wanted to save his first chopped locks and when I asked the hairdresser she said its amazing how many men don’t realise this is something we would want to have.  She always sends them home with a little bit of their child’s hair while they argue she must be mad and theres no way their partners would want this.
Yet every time they come back in and thank her for gaining them brownie points.
It cracked me up!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend
and that the week ahead brings you lots of smiles.


2 thoughts on “Beef, Dodie and P’s first haircut #LittleLoves

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I think the memories just need to be kept with things like that! I think my mum might still have mine. I want to declutter but it seems to be such a long process that I get distracted. Oh yes LB wants to keep everything too x


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