Magazines, Curry & Lunch Out #LittleLoves

Hello Friday and man has this been a long week!
Anyone else feeling the first full week back at school/work fatigue!?
I’ve been back to teaching this week (and yes I definitely felt the extra chocolates and mince pies I ate), LB’s first full week at school and a teething toddler, well everyones tempers have been a little short with struggling to claw that routine back and feeling that little bit more tired.  January is certainly a month to be extra kind to yourself, my killer migraine today proved that!


I am about 3/4 way through the Bear Grylls book now and really enjoying it-though because of its ideas I believe its definitely one you could easily pick up and put down and read over and over again.  I also was lucky enough to find my two fave magazines in a pack together so when it came to choosing between Red, Good Housekeeping and Woman and Home I got the best deal.  There are some great articles in both about getting yourself going in the New Year.

I also read KA’s (LifeAsOurLittleFamily) post 5 Ways To Be KInd To Yourself In January
and agreed with every word! We all know January can be a tough month, after such a fun filled sparkly December, January can seem a bit dull and gloomy and its important I think not to throw yourself into all your goals/resolutions so much so that you burn out.  I always tend to take January a little slower and then once my energy has started to pick up I feel like I can take it all on.


Although I haven’t had a chance to see the film yet (I am desperate to) I have been listening to The Greatest Showman Soundtrack on Apple Music.  Loving It!


More episodes of Merlin (Season 2 now), Delicious and New this week -Silent Witness.
B and I have watched this together for years and we always look forward to a new Season – bit hard to top the end of the last series though so I found this weeks one a little tough to get into at first.  We are also going to try and watch Hard Sun and see if we can get into something else together.  Last year we spent a lot of time sitting in separate rooms watching whatever we wanted but we have vowed to try and sit together a bit more – how long do we think that will last?


Something Different when eating later than the kids – Keema curry and Pinch of Nom Onion Bhajis and Venison Steaks.  For lunch I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier than the standard devouring of bread – so it’s been avocado and egg on toast and quinoa with pepper, onion, mushroom, pancetta, halloumi.


We wrapped up warm on Sunday morning while Daddy enjoyed a lay in and headed to the park.  A Lot of giggling, swinging, running, stick collecting and a hell of a lot of mud later, our cheeks were nice and rosy and it was time to head back to the warm.


And Lastly

On Saturday while Daddy worked we headed into town to run a few errands.  We visited the library, got LB’s feet measured, changed the size of some christmas present PJs so they would fit my giant of a 4 yr old(the 5-6 didn’t fit – 7-8 were much better) and we headed to Zizzi’s for a little lunch.  It was an interesting experience but I want to take the boys out more and treat them.

I brought myself one of the water bottles that have the times on the side to make sure i drink enough each day.  I am really bad on my water intake and this has made a real difference this week.  Some days I’ve even drunk more.  This one is great too as it has a space to put fruit in for fruit infused water-i have some berries coming in my food shop tomorrow so I can try!


4 thoughts on “Magazines, Curry & Lunch Out #LittleLoves

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you! His smile just cracks me up. We don’t have it enough as the kids won’t eat it but have started to try and do one night a week where I’ll cook something different for them so we can enjoy a bit of spice x


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