Hello 2018

Happy New Year Everyone! 2018 is here-Wow!
I hope you had a wonderful NYE celebrating with your loved ones in whatever way was perfect for you and that the first week has been gentle to you.img_3554For us it was about our last night enjoying the Christmas decorations, eating my favourite meal (steak, chips & mushrooms) then eating party food later on, watching the last Harry Potter, Jools Holland’s Hootenanny and the Fireworks while discussing our goals and plans for 2018 (my husband is particularly crap at this) and of course drinking Baileys and  Prosecco (not together). Nowhere else I’d rather be!

I’ve been reading a real mixed view on the idea of resolutions this year – it seems everyones gone a little anti, however I always find January (and September actually) give me a real boost to revaluate and look positively forward.
So Personally I have quite a few goals for 2018.
Its more of an ‘I want to do more of this and less of that’ kind of list!
You know like more time spent doing the things I love and less time feeling guilty
and anxious about everything.
My Key words for this year are
Balance, Energy and Love!

Gemma’s Goal/Bucket List

  1. Try Yoga to increase flexibility and strength
  2. Read 10 books (or 1 a month if possible)
  3. Have a Spa Day (Treat!)
  4. Focus on Self Care and spending time on me
  5. Gain more Balance in life
  6. Getting more organised and decluttered around the house
  7. Be Present in the Moment as much as possible
  8. Blog more and spend time reading and interacting with others
  9. Some work related Goals that I am still setting and playing round with.


We also sat down on New Years Day and wrote a Bucket List for LB, well in fact he wrote it, which made me really proud.  We had a little look through some ideas on Pinterest but generally they were his ideas.  This is lovely as gives him some goals and us some ideas of things to work on with him or places to go throughout the year.

LB’s 2018 Bucket List

  1. Go To London
  2. Do Gymnastics
  3. Learn to Swim
  4. Go to the zoo
  5. Go to the cinema
  6. Learn to ride a bike
  7. Read a book by myself
  8. Plant a plant and see how big it gets
  9. Do Football Club


I wish you all a very Happy 2018 full of adventures, family, friends
and as much downtime as you can fit in.

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