Me and MineProject (December 2017)

Well I haven’t quite achieved what I had hoped of taking a family photo and writing this post EVERY month in 2017 but hey there’s always next year!!!December has been magical and crazy as I believe is probably its main purpose!
A time for chaos as we organise ourselves for the busiest time of the year but also a time for family and friends, cosying up at home, partying and reflecting! For seeing Santa, living in a winter wonderland (trying to keep the baubles on the tree has been hard), being joined by a crazy elf and getting a bit of time off work-yippee!

So we are leaving 2017 with a crazy 4yr old and even crazier 1 year old and although they may drive us bonkers daily we are so excited to watch them grow and develop even more, to witness even more milestones, some firsts and sadly probably some lasts and I look forward to the adventure of another year! I have plans for my business and some ideas for making our house more homely, as well as hopefully some chances to spend quality time making memories with some of the many amazing people in my life!

Thanks December for being super special and fingers crossed for a full year of the
me and mine project in 2018.

Mummy has been loving

  1. Fairy lights making everything sparkly
  2. All the food and drink – more prosecco anyone?!
  3. Chrimbo Limbo With my favourites
  4. The start of December when all our hard work for two shows paid off
  5. Daddy being home for some QT as well as to tag team the kids and the cooking

Daddy has been loving

  1. Baileys mmmmmmmmm
  2. The house being full of snacks
  3. Playing minecraft with LB
  4. Spending some time at home with us all over Christmas and me not forcing him to go out
  5. Long lay ins (yes mummy is kind)


LB has been loving

  1. Minecraft with daddy
  2. Bath time with his new lush bath bombs
  3. Pyjama days
  4. All his Christmas toys and games
  5. The break from school after his first term,
    though he is kinda looking forward to going back too

P has been loving

  1. Everything dinosaur
  2. Sound books
  3. His bath time bubble machine
  4. The Highway Rat on TV
  5. Playing chase up the hallway and making everyone laugh


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