The end of 2017 #LittleLoves

I have been absent from Little Loves (and to be honest all blogging) for 2 months-way too long! It was a combination of work and life taking over and not having the motivation to complete a post (you should see my drafts list).
I wanted to finish 2017 with a post and hopefully kickstart more for 2018
and what better post to do than a Little Loves.Read

This Christmas Big Little Lies, Calm, Parenting the Sh*t out of Life and a Goals Notebook were added to my to be read pile. Only book I have picked up courtesy of a friend so far though is A Survival Guide for Life by Bear Grylls.  She lent it to me as I told her how much I love reading but just don’t seem to be able to get through a chapter without falling asleep-well this has the shortest chapters ever so she thought it would be appropriate.
More reading is certainly one of my new year goals though!


Christmas Songs of course and songs from Elf the Musical having caught that on Channel Five last Saturday. Also as we are reading the Christmasaurus and following Tom, Giovanna and Carrie Hope Fletcher on Instagram we have also looked up a few Christmasaurus Live Songs. I would have loved to see it, we thoroughly enjoyed the book.


Oh you know the Harry Potter Films that are on every night at 8pm (yes I’ve seen them all before but hey ho! Elf the Musical, Elf the film, LaLaLand and the highlight my husband being Santa for the kids at my dads on Christmas Eve. The lovely part was they had no clue as they were adament it was my dad, but when my dad said no I’m here they were baffled.  It was wonderful, especially when LB said ‘Santa, this is my little brother P he’s been good too.’


A Mess! Well I’m not 100% sure that was technically me, but the house is certainly one.  We have hardly left home since Christmas day and have just been living in a little family bubble.  It’s been pretty wonderful to watch films, cuddle up, play with toys, do a little organising and decluttering but a whole lot of nothing but be together-its been lovely actually to have the hubby home to do some of the cooking and cleaning-lol!

Me and LB made a Treasure Chest-One of his Christmas Presents which kept us entertained for a few hours.  He did all the decorating himself!

Goals! Oh yes as I am sure a lot of you have been doing over the last few days I have been looking back at 2017 and thinking through my Goals for 2018 and beyond.  I find this always takes a lot longer than i anticipate but we have enjoyed plenty of PJ days this week for me to mull things over and write a good list.


PJs, comfies, fluffy socks and a couple of dress up days of course!
I got some new plume dance trousers, a Navy Mother Sweatshirt and some grey Nike’s that I’ve been sporting a lot this week.

And lastly

The end of another year.  It always seems pretty crazy when we come round to an annual milestone and you reflect on where the hell the last year has gone.  2017 is pretty much over and although its had some pretty fabulous times as always its tinged with a little sadness as I’m sure nearly everyones has.  Maybe you’ve struggled with your mental or physical health, maybe you have lost someone close or been through a personal battle, maybe things just didn’t go to plan,
but I wanted to Thank You all for Reading and wish all of you
Lots of Love and a Fabulous 2018.


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