Pink! Shortbread & New Clothes #Little Loves

Happy Friday Everybody!
Half Term is here, we have made it through our first Half Term with LB at school and man do we feel it.  This makes me so proud and also a little scared…..where is the time going? My little boy is growing up so fast, he has learnt so much in the last few weeks and his little brother is enjoying full on mummy time (me too), But ARGH my show is now only 6 weeks away!I have been working hard choreographing, editing music, choosing costumes etc but there is still so much to do.  The next 6 weeks are going to be crazier with every weekend taken up with show and panto rehearsals and I know I’m going to feel it.  I have felt myself flagging the last week or so since the sickness bug and i dont cope very well with being behind, so I need to get on it and work hard for the next month and a bit so i can fully relax in december and feel like I’ve really DONE IT!


Still going with The Little Book of Lykke and still adding more and more to the Wishlist.  I am such a slow reader at the minute mainly because i only get the chance to read at night and I just fall asleep.  What Katy Said has shared a number of blog posts on motherhood and perfectionism recently that have struck a chord too.


Season 7 of Once Upon A Time has come to Netflix-Yippee!! Slightly gutted that only one episode a week though, I much preferred to binge watch.  Only problem is now I know its there I dont want to wait! Ive watched the 2 available ones already and I was a little worried when i found out that half the characters wouldnt be in it and wondered how they were going to work out the storyline etc but theyve set it up pretty well I think.


This song always makes me happy and LB says Mummy its your favourite song, everytime it comes on the radio.

I have also been listening a bit to Pink’s New Album Beautiful Trauma.
I have always been a huge fan but I’m still working this album out.
A few I love and a few I’m not sure about.


B received the new Jamie Oliver 5 ingredients book for his Birthday (twice) so we have been trying out a few recipes this week.
Chocolate Orange Shortbread and Messy Meatball Buns to start.
Both a huge Success all round and tonight its the Chicken Pot Pie which was recommended by a friend so we are looking forward to that.


The outfits have been well and truly trumped by P this week.
He received such a  fabulous selection of new clothes for his Birthday from a variety of different places.  H&M, Primark, Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco and I’ve loved everything.  This Yeah Jumper is super cute and he has a Top that says cool runs in the family, monster knee joggers and a tracksuit that says mamas boy who cares? I am well and truly spoilt every day getting him dressed.  Wish i felt that about my wardobe!

And Lastly

Morgana put a quote back into her LittleLoves post last week and it reminded me how much that little bit of motvation or inspiration helps me.  This one is something I need to remember in particular.
Not great at thinking i can do stuff, but expect myself to be able to do everything-Ha! Is that just crazy woman talk!




6 thoughts on “Pink! Shortbread & New Clothes #Little Loves

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    I love Once Upon A Time too! Like you I wish they’d release them all at once. It’s much more of a binge watch kind of show isn’t it? To tide me over I’ve introduced it to my eldest so we’ve been watching it together from the beginning! xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you Jenny! I’m usually the latest to the party so impressed I’ve heard something before you-lol! Another week still oh bless you, we are ready for it but am also wondering how b is going to get through a further 7.5 weeks before christmasxx


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