Birthday Cake, Happy Journal & Peter Rabbit #LittleLoves

Oh what a week! Not half as busy as usual but not out of choice!
Last weekend should have been special, one to remember (well it was that- but not for the right reasons). Last Sunday Our littlest boy turned 1, I made one hell of a cake (with help from some wonderful friends) and was getting prepared for his Party on Sunday, when I was struck by the sickness bug and in the next 6 hours so was everyone else ( except P, thank goodness).


It has since been a week of recovery, laziness and attempting to catch up, with little avail and then this weekend we do it all again for the Hubbys Birthday. October is a very birthday heavy month here.


Instagram posts and Facebook Feeds have been my main source of literary information.  I loved Fearne Cottons Book Happy and this week her Journal made its way onto my doorstep as I’d pre ordered it.  I’m not going to start filling it out until the beginning of 2018 but I read through it all this week and am very excited about the questions it asks and positivity it holds, especially for those suffering with anxiety or depression, though to be honest for anybody.


The theme tune to Peter Rabbit which is annoyingly catchy, lots of moaning and crying from us all, the washing machine whirring as it tries to get rid of bugs and germs and my head spinning with everything I have got to do.


Strictly, Cold Feet and the new fave of our household-Peter Rabbit!
The only thing along with cuddles that keep P happy at the minute, as we  discovered this week that he has a molar through (much earlier than it should of course)and its causing him quite a bit of discomfort.



With help, one hell of a birthday cake which is still sat in the fridge-sob!



PJs, comfies and no make up!
Completely unflattering and I couldn’t have cared less.
Our weekend of getting dressed up and celebrating turned into days of hardly getting out of our PJs and if we did it was simply to shower and get into fresh ones. We needed it though, I wish I could say I feel refreshed and not so tired, but no-dosing up on the Berocca though.

And lastly

How can this tiny gorgeous baby have been with us a whole year already?
I had every intention of writing a blog post about his first year last Saturday and obviously it just got pushed to the side.
I will defintiely write one soon though.


He’s just such a charcater now!



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