Ankle Boots, Dantes Creek & the Birthday Boy #LittleLoves

We made it through LB’s second full week of school-Yippee!!
We may all be slightly exhausted by it all, but our time together now is even more precious and streaked with emotional outbursts.
He’s now been at school for 4.5 weeks (only two of that full time) and he loves it, he pretty much runs in each day.  Its so nice to know he has made some new friends, is enjoying his days (except for after school club this week-gulp!)  and Me and P have got ourselves into a vague routine that will hopefully work for us now too!

img_0009It’s been a busy couple of week as always, work, school and juggling childcare are our normal time consumers but we’ve also added in park trips, picnics at the river with grandparents, a child almost starting to walk, a shopping trip, panto rehearsals, homework and birthday prep as this weekend our littlest boy turns one!


I’ve been trying to read the book of Lykke but falling asleep all the time!
In the bath with the book on my face, on the sofa, in bed, wherever,
I am Exhausted at the minute. My main reading and listening has been spent on my Studio Manageemnt course though and I am feeling motivated and overwhelmed by all the business ideas flying around my head.



I am completely in love with this – Dante’s Creek – THEY


Loving the new series of Cold Feet, you just never know what’s going to come up next! The storylines are fab and I love every character.
Such easy watching.

Strictly Come Dancing of course……. already starting to pick out my potential winners.


Food has been a bit hit and miss!
One day completely on it with Quesadilla, slow cooker chilli and toad in the hole and others absolutely nothing prepared, so we’ve ended up with a take away!!


I actually went shopping with a friend last Thursday-well this never happens so it was lovely to treat myself to a few things. A gorgeous pair of grey ankle boots with a bit of a heel (I have my eyes on a flat black pair too) from New Look, a gorgeous grey and pink jumper and a grey jumper dress from Primark as well as a bath bomb from lush (which technically you end up wearing with all the sparkle and lushness!)


And lastly

I’ve spent a lot of time at home this past week trying to get on top of things ready for birthday boy this weekend! We’ve got visitors throughout the weekend, and his party on Sunday (family open house) as well as work for both me and B Sat morning! I’d love to say my house is looking immaculate and I am totally organised however I would be completely lying.
Not really sure when I’m going to fit in the food shop, collection of flyers for work, banking, present wrapping, house tidying, outfit preparing, work calls and coursework, blog writing, cake baking and whatever else is on the list.  No matter what though it’ll be amazing and I cant wait to celebrate my gorgeous boy being in our lives for a whole year with everyone that loves him.


6 thoughts on “Ankle Boots, Dantes Creek & the Birthday Boy #LittleLoves

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Definitely an eye opener-so lovely to be reminded that life can be slower and put things into perspective! Would love to do a bit more shopping now but too many birthday to be sorting right now. Have a lovely week x


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